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Crusaders & Scholars – AD

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1 Crusaders & Scholars – 1000-1299 AD

2 The Great Schism = 1054 Causes for Schism
Establishing Constantinople as capitol of Empire Iconoclastic Controversy Establishing Charlegmane as Emperor

3 Results Empire separated into Western and Eastern
Differences in liturgy and disciplines

4 Two basic branches Roman Catholic Eastern Orthodox
Major differences = Pope vs. Patriarch, way celebrate Liturgy, holy images What is in common = beliefs and Sacraments

5 The Crusades

6 The Lateran Councils = 1123-1215
Separation of Church and state, rules of clerics, condemned simony, beliefs of the Eucharist

7 The rise of the Mendicant Orders
Mendicant = begging Francis of Assisi = Franciscans Clare = Poor Clares Dominic = Dominicans

8 The Rise of the Scholastics
St. Thomas Aquinas = Summa Theologica = greatest summary of theology ever written

9 Internal reforms, clerical dress
Councils of Lyons = 1254 and 1274 Internal reforms, clerical dress

10 Weak Leaders and Schism = 1300-1499
The Avignon Papacy = Councils of Vienne, Constance, and Florence

11 Things to Note St. Joan of Arc
The Imitation of Christ by Thomas A Kempis – 1425 Printing Press invented by Gutenburg – 1440

12 Sistene Chapel constructed

13 DaVinci paints The Last Supper

14 Michelangelo creates Pieta

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