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Plants & Classification Notes

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1 Plants & Classification Notes
There will be a quiz on this material soon.  Please take notes 

2 What are plants? Multi-cellular organisms
Make own food (photosynthesis) Have chloroplasts Have rigid cell walls made of cellulose Found all over the world

3 Plants provide: Food Oxygen Medicines Building materials
Textiles (fibers) Coloring pigments

4 Plant Parts Roots Anchors the plant Absorbs water & minerals Storage
AKA “tuber” Pic is hyperlink

5 Plant Parts Stems Support plant Storage Food & water “highway”
Xylem carries water & minerals; goes up stem only Phloem carries food; goes up & down the stem Pic is hyperlink

6 Plant Parts Leaves Provide food (photosynthesis)
Have chloroplasts (green coloring-chlorophyll) Transpiration (“sweating”) Respiration Pic is hyperlink

7 Plant Classification

8 Plants Without Seeds Need water to reproduce Reproduce with spores
Include Mosses Ferns Horsetails Bladderworts Upper right pic is hyperlink

9 Plants with Seeds 2 types Found all over the world
Upper right pic is hyperlink

10 Gymnosperms Means “naked seed” Often have cones & needle-like leaves
Do not have flowers Ex: conifers, gingko

11 Angiosperms Flowering plants Largest group Pic is hyperlink

12 Angiosperms Monocots Has 1 food part Parallel veins
Petals in groups of 3, 6, 9 Xylem & phloem scattered throughout stem

13 Monocots

14 Angiosperms Dicots Have 2 food parts Net-like veins
Petals in groups of 4 or 5 Xylem & phloem are ring-like in stem

15 Dicots

16 Homework Scavenger Hunt!!! Find the following things: A root A stem
A leaf 3 examples of seeds Paste them on a sheet of paper and label each of them Be sure to include your name!!!

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