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Alfred G. Waters Middle School

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1 Alfred G. Waters Middle School
7th and 8th grade School Tour Alfred G. Waters Middle School

2 Introductions Administration Support Staff Teachers Thank You!
Mr. Jim Comegys, Principal Dr. Laura Troxell Assistant Principal Support Staff Teachers Thank You!

3 Agenda for Tonight: Course Offerings and Schedule Summer Reading
Tours – Self guided Blue Pod – 8th Grade Burgundy - 7th Grade

4 Academics and Courses AGW Courses and Curriculum
All AGW students will have the same course work in Math, Science, Social Studies and English Language Arts. Students are scheduled into homerooms and sections by the computer A variety of Related Arts Classes are also offered to students with offerings in Art, Physical Education, Health, Computer Literacy, Some type of Music (Band/Chorus/Keyboarding/General Music), Agriculture, Family Consumer Science, Spanish

5 Sample Student Schedules
A sample of this years seventh grader schedule would look like this HM 7:28-7:35 Homeroom Period 1 7:40-8: Related Art (GYM) Period 2 8:27-9:12 Related Art (ART) Period 3 9:15-10: Language Arts Period 3 10:25-11:40 Math Period 4 11:40-12: Lunch Period 5 12:10-1:10 Social Studies Period :10-2: Science

6 Related Arts Schedule:
Students are assigned a variety of Related Arts Courses based on student needs, availability, and desire to participate in courses such as band or chorus. During a trimester a student would have 3 related arts scheduled, but only attend 2 per day.

7 For example: A student might have Art, Agriculture and Band A-Day
B-Day C-Day Monday Tuesday Wednesday Art Band Agriculture

8 Two Way Communication We have worked hard to improve two-way communication from home to school and school to home over the last few years. Some Tools to use (one size does not fit all ) Webpage – Voice Mail First Name.Last (found on website soon) Agenda Book Parent Conferences Online Grade information – In September Alertnow Phone Calls

9 Why Do We Need You? Experts and studies show that parental involvement in a young teen’s education is one of the most important factors in raising student self-esteem and academic achievement and we agree! You are valuable, appreciated and needed. Please join our PTA and support our students

10 How Can You Become Involved?
Our goal is to involve all of our parents in various aspects of the school. Please consider donating a few hours of your time, talents, or school related resources to help AGW students to have a successful school year.

11 Please tour the building at your leisure . . . See us if you have questions.

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