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6 The Big.

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1 6 The Big

2 A Problem-Solving Model
Research Process And A Problem-Solving Model

3 Step 1: What do you want to know? Ask a question… Task Definition


5 Step 2: Encyclopedia Non-Fiction Books Internet Databases
Where will you find the answers? Encyclopedia Non-Fiction Books Internet Databases Information Seeking Strategies

6 Step 3: Get the resources! Location and Access

7 Step 4: READ!!!! THINK!!! Take notes! Use of Information

8 Step 5: Put it all together and make something NEW! Synthesis

9 Step 6: Check your work! Evaluation

10 Taking Notes! Step 4 Do NOT!!!! Copy word for word (Plagiarism)
Write in complete sentences

11 Taking Notes! Step 4 DO!!! Know your questions Find keywords
Write in short phrases Make lists Label your information Define words you don’t know (use kids words) Cite your sources!

12 Trash or Treasure???? 1. Know your questions!!!
2. Read sentence by sentence. 3. Determine whether the sentence answers the questions (treasure) or does not (trash) 4.Take notes using the good information You do NOT have to answer the questions in order!

13 Remember… researching is fun!! (Really!)

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