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Preschool Age Children

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1 Preschool Age Children
Language Development Preschool Age Children

2 The ability to understand language.
Receptive Language The ability to understand language. (Can be non-verbal)

3 Able to actually speak and use words meaningfully.
Productive Language Able to actually speak and use words meaningfully.

4 Definitions: Speech = Communication through words Linguistics =
Study of how people learn to speak

5 7 Stages for Learning to Speak:

6 1. Undifferentiated Crying:
0-1 month old Cries to get everything it needs: food, sleep, diaper changed, etc.

7 2. Differentiated Crying:
2 months old Cries are different for each thing child wants

8 3. Cooing Begins at 3 months Elongated vowels sounds A, E, I, O, U

9 4. Babbling 6 months Putting together consonants and vowels to make simple words Ma, Ma

10 5. First Word: 1 year old

11 6. Two word sentences: 2 years old Noun and verb sentences Me eat
Go car

12 7. Multi-word sentences:
3 years old Putting together sentences may or may not make sense short sentences I draw picture of the sun today.

13 Other Facts about Language
A child’s first word is said around their first birthday. A 2 yr. old child has a vocabulary of about fifty words. A child can understand many more words than they can actually speak.

14 What Parents Can Do to Help:
Development of Language in Children

15 Helpful Hints: Expose children to a rich language base-talk Praise
Positive Feedback Play-back or restating (say it over and over – repeating) Elaborate

16 More Helpful Hints: Interactive-reading, ask open ended questions (who, why, when, where, how?) Language tour guide Grocery Store Department Store Zoo Toy Store

17 Helpful Hints (con’t):
Take children’s comments seriously listen to them Avoid baby talk and babbling Correct their speech

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