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Writing Prompts and Essays Developing key writing skills.

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1 Writing Prompts and Essays Developing key writing skills

2 How is a writing prompt graded? Students' essays will be scored holisticallythat is, on the basis of the overall impression created by all the elements of the writing. Two trained readers will read each student's essay, each giving it a rating from 1 (low) to 6 (high). The sum of those ratings is the Writing subscore, which can range from 2 to 12.

3 For a successful prompt you must: take a position on the issue clearly answer the writing prompt maintain focus on the topic throughout

4 Other useful suggestions: develop a position by using logical reasoning and evidence organize ideas in a logical way use language clearly and effectively according to the rules of standard written English

5 DO State your position early and clearly Respond directly to prompt Use rule of thumb Acknowledge the opposing argument while proving why your opinion is more valid DONT Be subtle with your position Discuss why prompt is an interesting topic Change the prompt Make skimpy, one-to- two-sentence, paragraphs Make paragraphs longer than a page Let opposing argument alter overall position

6 DO Use personal experience (use I) Provide examples Write assertively Include a compelling introduction and satisfying conclusion Connect your beginning with the ending Use words you can control Let your ideas determine your organization DONT Be too fancy with organization unless you immediately see a sophisticated and unique way to articulate argument Use I think I feel Use thesaurus gems Use text messaging or email grammar (u, r, ur, ill, 2, etc.) Let your organization determine your ideas

7 Organization of time As soon as you get the prompt, take a few minutes to jot down a rough outline. Doing so will help you develop your main points with organization and focus. Write legibly! If the readers cant read your essay, youll get a low score even though youre ridiculously brilliant. Leave time to proofread and edit your writing. Fixing an error with a cross-out trumps neatness

8 Time Breakdown 1 minute: Select a position 4 minutes: Plan (outline) 21 minutes: Write (intro, body, conclusion) 4 minutes: Edit

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