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Early Dynasties of China

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1 Early Dynasties of China

2 Shang Dynasty Earliest accepted Dynasty. 1700 – 1027 BC.
Ancestor worship. Developed the earliest forms of Chinese writing. (Oracle Bones)

3 Zhou Dynasty Over threw the Shang Dynasty around 1040 B.C. and lasted till 256 B.C. Introduced the “Mandate of Heaven” Longest Dynasty in Chinese history Society extremely Feudalistic and aristocratic. Strong Family Ties Patriarchal Ancestor Worship

4 Zhou Continued… This was the period of the philosophical schools.
Confucianism Taoism Legalism Confucius Lao Tzu Legalism

5 Qin Dynasty 221 – 202 BC Unified China and created the first Chinese “Empire” Very legalist & Centralized. Shi Haungdi: First Emperor Anti-Scholar

6 The Tomb of the First Emperor
Is famous for the hundreds of Terra Cotta soldier buried with the Emperor

7 The Qin added to the construction of the Great Wall

8 Han Dynasty 206 BC – 200ish AD Combined Both Legalism & returned to Confucian ideals. Scholarship & the Arts flourish under the Han

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