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Technology and Resources

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1 Technology and Resources

2 The Age of Railroads Chapter 14 Section 2


4 As railroads spread across the country…
They gained power and influence. They were given huge land grants by the government. Sold for PROFIT. 1869 The transcontinental railroad was completed In ,000 miles of railroads By x that. (180,000). Like Microsoft and Google


6 Rail Workers East= Irish and Black West= Chinese Treacherous work
In were killed and 20,000 were injured.

7 Chinese Railroad workers in the West

8 Irish Railroad workers from the East

9 Railroad time

10 The Pullman Company Pullman Strict rules. Factory and Company town
No drinking No loitering



13 Credit Mobilier Scandal
Paid 3x the cost of Abusive rail policies. Fixed prices The Grange Demanded government control over the railroad industry. The Granger Laws Munn v. Illinois and the Interstate Commerce Act Gave federal gov’t and states the right to regulate RR’s in order to protect the public interest. By companies owned 2/3 of the nations RR’s.

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