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Decorative Arts/Art Deco Art &Architecture

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1 Decorative Arts/Art Deco Art &Architecture
Question: Define and describe - what is meant by “Art Deco”? Make sure to include traits, characteristics, elements, etc, and provide examples of where art deco can be found – making it “art deco”.

2 What is “Art Deco” Art Deco represented the rapid modernization of the world. While the style was already widespread and was in fashion in the United States and in Europe, the term Art Deco was not known. Modernistic or the "1925 Style" was used. The name Art Deco was derived from the 1925 "Exposition Internationale des Arts Decoratifs Industriels et Modernes", held in Paris.

3 What is “Art Deco” Time Period? Yes & No – Primarily the 1920’s and 1930’s BUT can be any time afterwards Style? Yes - Primary focus on Geometric Shapes and Linear features (Moderne) Movement? Yes, celebrates modernization/mechanization. Art Deco was primarily an elegant design style dominant in decorative art, fashion, jewelry, textiles, furniture design, interior decoration, and architecture.

4 Influences Machine Age and streamline technologies such as modern aviation, electric lighting, the radio, the ocean liner and the skyscraper Greco-Roman Classicism, and the art of Babylon, Assyria, Ancient Egypt,[and Aztec Mexico.[1] Much of this could be attributed to the popular interest in archeology in the 1920s (eg, the tomb of Tutankhamen,

5 Exposition Internationale des Arts Décoratifs Paris 1925

6 Exposition International Arts Decoratifs – Paris 1926

7 Century of Progress Travel and Transport Building (CHS)
The Chrysler Building (photo by Hedrich-Blessing, CHS HB-01718)

8 Century of Progress Interior of The House of Tomorrow.
(Hedrich-Blessing photo, HB )

9 Characteristics commercial Bakelite Commercial Mass Produced

10 Native American Influences Penobscot Building
Detroit - constructed in 1928 and designed by Wirt Roland. Notice the Swastika? Asian Influences

11 Penobscot Building – Detroit

12 Different Versions of the
^Good> Different Versions of the Swastika <Bad

13 Fuller Building – Detroit

14 Rockefeller Center, New York

15 Union Trust Building - Detroit

16 Palmolive – Playboy – Palmolive Building Chicago (Holibard and Root)

17 The Chrysler Building – New York

18 Chrysler Building – New York

19 Postcard of Empire State Building, New York
The building is deco, as is the postcard itself.

20 Empire State Building – New York

21 Niagara Hudson Building – Syracuse, N.Y. “Spirit of Light”

22 Niagara-Hudson Building Syracuse, New York

23 Chicago Board of Trade Building Architects: Holabird & Root
“Urban Canyon”

24 Chicago Board of Trade Building


26 Chicago Board of Trade Building Lobby What is “Art deco”?

27 Chicago Board of Trade Building

28 The Field Building/Bank of America


30 Elevators of NYC & Chicago

31 - Miami Marlin Hotel Helen Mar Apartments Plymouth Hotel

32 Marlin Hotel - Miami

33 Plymouth Hotel - Miami

34 Nash Senator Hotel – (demolished 1988) - Miami Beach

35 Interior of Victor Hotel – Miami restored in the 1980’s

36 Hall of Mirrors Ballroom – Starrett-Netherland Plaza Hotel - Cincinnati

37 Coca –Cola Bottling Co. – Cincinnati

38 Coca – Cola Bottling Co. – Los Angeles (Durrah – designed 1st soundstage for Chaplin Studios

39 Marianne Theatre – Bellevue, KY (near Cincinnati)

40 Lake Theatre – Oak Park

41 Paramount Theatre –Aurora, IL (Restored in the 1990’s)

42 Goelet Building – New York

43 Mickey’s Diner – St. Paul, MN

44 American Art Deco Diners

45 Texaco Oil Co. Filling Stations

46 American Art Deco Gas Stations
Bedford, Pennsylvania Tucson, Arizona

47 Thomas Jefferson H.S. – Los Angeles

48 Steckler Residence – Palm Beach, FL

49 Mythical Figure – Rand Tower - MN

50 Hoover Dam – NV & AZ Border

51 Hoover Dam – NV & AZ Border
“Cosmic Figure”


53 Winged – “Cosmic Figure”

54 Zephyr Train “Zephyr” Inspired Clock

55 Art Deco “Comes Home” Inter-War America was the prototype of modernity and a symbol of hope for the world. Norman Bel Geddes. 'Patriot', radio, model 400. American, Made by Emerson Radio and Phonograph Corporation. Fada. 'bullet' streamliner American, Made by Fada Radio & Electric Co. Inc., Long Island.

56 Westinghouse Waffle Iron Westinghouse Coffee Percolator
Chase Electric Snack Server Westinghouse Waffle Iron Westinghouse Coffee Percolator Sunbeam Ironmaster Iron Manning Bowman Sandwich Maker Westinghouse Coffee Set

57 American Art Deco Wurlitzer Jukebox

58 American Art Deco Telephones

59 “Comes Home,” cont’d Object: cigarette lighter
Material: chromium plated steel and white plastic Nationality: American Year: c. 1925

60 Art Deco-Influenced Hood Ornaments
V8: ‘35 Ford Deluxe Sedan Greyhound: ‘37 Lincoln Limo Swan: ’46 Packard Limo Mercury: ’41 Packard Convertible Deluxe Swan: ’50 Packard Sedan

61 Bakelite jewelry & boxes

62 "Gatsby believed in the green light, the orgastic future that year by year recedes before us. It eluded us then, but that's no matter--tomorrow we well run faster, stretch out our arms farther ... And one fine morning---

63 "So we beat on, boats against the current, borne back ceaselessly into the past." --- F. Scott Fitzgerald, The Great Gatsby Tamara de Lempicka, photographed by d'Ora Studio, Paris, 1929.

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