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Political Machines and Solutions to Corruption

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1 Political Machines and Solutions to Corruption
© Shawn McCusker Political Machines and Solutions to Corruption Chapter 7 sec. 3+4

2 Political Machines Boss Tweed
Fixing the problems of cities requires huge sums of money. Without proper management that money can be misused. Controlling the money becomes an important part of city politics. Boss Tweed





7 Political Machines As cities grew larger the men who ran them became more powerful. City Boss Ward Bosses Precinct Captains

8 Precinct Captains & Ward Bosses
Give jobs to people who promise support. Do favors in order to win support. “You can owe me one.” Give contracts to people in order to win support. Make sure people get out and vote.

9 City Boss Controlled jobs Controlled contracts and licenses
Police, fire etc. Controlled contracts and licenses Gave away money. Why? Embraced ethnic groups. Why? Used his influence to get candidates elected.

10 This leads to …SCANDAL Election fraud Bribes Kickbacks
Paid by people who want to be elected. Needed to get contracts or jobs. Kickbacks Used to steal tax money. And it was easy to do because no one was looking

11 Solutions to Corruption

12 Patronage Def: when elected officials or political organizations give out jobs to people who support them in getting elected. Often given to unqualified people. Led to incompetence and fraud.

13 Solution = Create a Merit System
Civil Service System= Jobs go to qualified individuals only. They keep those jobs so long as they perform well. Used tests to determine qualification. Postal workers, government employees

14 Reformers of Civil Service.
Rutherford P. Hayes- Hired independents for key positions Fired workers who did not produce. Investigated customs houses and fired corrupt workers. Followed by Garfield who died. Then Chester A. Arthur who fought for…

15 The Pendleton Act 1883 Created a Civil Service commission.
Gave jobs to qualified people. 40% of government jobs by 1909.

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