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SALADS and DRESSINGS. What is in your ideal salad?

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2 What is in your ideal salad?

3 1. Salad Greens Iceberg-most common Romaine Bibb Boston Red leaf and curly leaf

4 2. Other Salad Greens Spinach Arugula Escarole Chicory Watercress
Radicchio Sprouts-bean, alfalfa, radish, etc.

5 3.Nutrients in Salad Greens
Darker greens are higher in nutrients. Examples: Vitamins C and A, Iron

6 4. Other Fruits and Vegetables in Salads
Fresh, canned cooked Sliced, dried, shredded, quartered, cubed Red or green cabbage-for coleslaw

7 5. Other Ingredients grains & rice legumes & beans meats, fish
& poultry eggs & cheese pasta

8 6. Salad Dressings Oil-based-Oil and vinegar separates easily. eg. Italian or vinaigrette Mayonnaise-Emulsion of oil, vinegar or lemon juice and egg that doesn‘t separate. Cooked-Looks like mayonnaise, but uses cooked starch to thicken it instead of eggs. eg. Miracle Whip

9 7. More Salad Dressings Dairy -Uses sour cream, yogurt, cottage cheese
or buttermilk Low or no-fat - Uses less oil or no oil. Note:1 T. oil=100 cal.

10 8. Types of Salads Appetizer-small and tasty salad served before meal-eg. garden salad, fruit or shrimp cocktail Accompaniment-served with meal-eg. mixed greens, fruit salad, or coleslaw.

11 9. More Salad Types Main dish-protein based salad with meat, cheese, or eggs. Dessert salad-uses fruit or molded gelatin.

12 10. Preparing Salad Greens
Remove core from iceberg lettuce by hitting on counter & twisting out. Rinse leaves in cool water & drain. Tear leaves instead of cutting to prevent rusty looking greens.

13 11. Assembling Salads Be creative!
Use a variety of colors, textures, and shapes Use 3 parts-the base, body and dressing

14 12. Salad Creations Tossed or mixed-
toss greens, fruits or vegetables with dressing Arranged salads- ingredients in a pattern on a base of greens

15 13. More Salad Creations Molded salads-gelatin or rice holds its shape in a mold or container.

16 14. Garnishes-The Finishing Touch
Edible bowls of tomato, tortilla shells, pineapple, melon, or peppers Pepper rings, tomato or radish roses, or sprouts Seeds, chopped nuts or raisins Grated cheese or carrots ENJOY!!!

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