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DISC BRAKE SERVICE Review parts & operation of disc brakes

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1 DISC BRAKE SERVICE Review parts & operation of disc brakes
Complete brake inspection Brake job disc brakes Machine rotors Pack wheel bearings

2 Review of Basics In terms of energy what do brakes do?
Convert mechanical energy to heat energy. Why are disc brakes better than drum brakes? Disc brakes dissipate heat more efficiently. Which does more braking? A braked turning wheel or a braked locked-up wheel? Braking only occurs when the wheel are turning,

3 Disc Brake Parts Rotor Caliper Brake pads Piston Square cut seal
Dust boot Guide pins Mounting bracket

4 Inspecting Disc Brakes
Road test and function checks Shop tests Disc brake pad thickness Inspection of rotor. (Miking)

5 Road Test Pulsation Brake Pull Brake Lock-up Spongy Pedal Drag Fade
Scraping Squeal Grinding Clunk Vibration

6 Shop Inspection Caliper, Pads, Rotor & Hardware
Inspect brake hose for cracks. Inspect the brake pads for there thickness. The pad material should be at least as thick as the backing plate. Look for any damage to the mis. hardware. Mike the rotor.

7 Micrometer

8 Disc Brake Service Disassembly and Removal of Caliper C-Clamp
Inspection of Hardware Replacing Pads Disc Brake Quiet Reassembly

9 Machining Rotors A limited amount of metal can removed from the rotor because of heat dissipation. Thickness of rotor new. Machine to thickness. Discard thickness.

10 Machining Rotors Measuring rotor thickness Mounting on lathe
Scratch cut Coarse Cut(s) .006” Fine Cut .004” Cleaning hub

11 Removing the Rotor

12 Mounting on the Lathe

13 Cleaning Wheel Bearings

14 Installing New Oil Seal

15 Installing the Rotor

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