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Welcome to Mr. Elza 3 rd year teaching at Fremd. Bachelors in Automotive Technology A.S.E. Master Automotive Technician.

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2 Welcome to

3 Mr. Elza 3 rd year teaching at Fremd. Bachelors in Automotive Technology A.S.E. Master Automotive Technician

4 WHO SHOULD TAKE AUTO TECH Students interested in an Automotive career Students planning on studying engineering in college Students planning careers in the military Students interested in racing or car restoration Students who want to know how their car works Students who want to know how to maintain their car Students who have no knowledge of tools or mechanical and electrical systems Students interested in careers in motorcycle, marine,or aviation mechanics Students interested in careers in diesel and heavy duty truck mechanics





9 Grading Policies Lab activities Study question & worksheets Tests & Quizzes All work awarded points Grading scale determined from highest score A – 90% B – 80% C – 70% D – 63%

10 Classroom Activities Study Questions for each unit. Use the textbooks in the book case. These will be graded, so be sure to do a thorough job! Extra credit may be awarded

11 Classroom Activities There are lots and lots of new parts to learn about so well be doing lots and lots of part identification worksheets. These will not be graded, but credit is given only for completed worksheets.

12 Classroom Guidelines Employee Skills Bring materials to class (pen/pencil/paper). Pay attention! Dont sleep! Dont distract others! Dont touch anyone or anything which doesnt belong to you! Dont throw anything. In lab situations follow safety rules. The Auto Lab is not a playground its a dangerous place! Washroom passes allowed but do not abuse. Sign in and out. Remember the two cardinal rules.

13 Work Teams Get together with one or two other people to form your work team. You will work together when doing lab work, study questions or worksheets. Someone who comes to class, does their work, is not repeatedly suspended, someone you can work with.

14 AUTO TECH II Learn how to use advanced testers and power tools Learn job related skills of auto technicians Access your ability to succeed in the automotive field

15 AUTO TECH II ACTIVITIES Engine Mechanical Diagnosis Fuel System and Fuel Injection Diagnosis Ignition System and Lab Scope Testing Starting and Charging System Diagnosis Trouble-Shoot Emission Controls

16 AUTO TECH II ACTIVITIES Complete Brake Repair including Lathe Work Wheel Alignment including 4 Wheel Alignment Suspension and Steering Diagnosis and Repair Drive train Diagnosis and Repair,

17 AUTO INDEPENDENT STUDY Do advanced repair work such engine rebuilding, brake jobs, replace CV joints, do clutch jobs and wheel alignment, use advanced computer scanning tools and much much more. Find out about the best automotive colleges in the region. Earn College credit at local Community Colleges Participate in the Ford/AAA Student Auto Skills Contest

18 INDEPENDENT STUDY ACTIVITIES Engine Rebuilding Pull Engines Valve Work Transmission Repairs Four Wheel Alignment Clutch Jobs McPherson Strut Replacement Replace CV Joints Engine Electronic Diagnosis Ford/AAA Contest

19 Projects Include Motorcycles

20 AUTO CLUB Meets once a week after school usually on Wednesday I have been known to stay as late as 9:00. Perform automotive repairs beyond the scope of daily classes Meet other auto enthusiasts

21 FORD/AAA STUDENT AUTO SKILLS CONTEST Held each year for high school seniors. Written contest in March. Hands-On State finals in May at the AAA headquarters in Aurora. Hands-On National finals in June in Dearborn MI. Qualified for State the last two years. State Champs in 2009

22 Hot Rodders of Tomorrow Engine Challenge Held at Rosemont Team of 5 Tear down and rebuild an engine in under 25 minutes

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