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Review, Review, Review Scientific Method, Metrics, Temperature.

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1 Review, Review, Review Scientific Method, Metrics, Temperature

2 Scientific Method What is the purpose? A structured search to find the answers to lifes problems Separate fact from fiction

3 Scientific Method

4 State the Problem A problem is based on our observations Observations include our 5 senses sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell

5 Hypothesis What is it? an educated guess Is it written before or after an experiment? before

6 Experiment What in the experiment remains constant? control group What in the experiment changes? variable Why must there only be one variable in an experiment?

7 Analysis Which variable proves results dependent variable Which variable affects the outcome of the experiment? Independent variable

8 Theory What is a theory? a proposed description. An explanation for events that take place in the world. When does a hypothesis become a theory? after being proven many times over

9 Take us on a ride, on the Scientific Method, Scenario I brought a bottle of ice water to my softball game last Wednesday. After the 3 rd inning I went to take a drink from the bottle and the water had risen to warm / room temperature. I noticed that the water quenched my thirst more than cold water would.

10 Metrics

11 Label the larger of the two MilliCenti HectoDeca DecaDeci MeterLiter

12 Metrics, Estimate 150 Meters = ____ Yards 20 Inches = _____ Meter 20 Feet = _____ Meters 1 Meter = _____ Feet 2000 Millimeters = ____ Meters

13 Metrics, Why Why can metrics be an easier standard of measurement? Because it is based on 10s Because it is consistent between weight, length, and volume Where in the world is metrics used? Where is the standard system used? Metrics- Europe / Rest of world Standard- United States

14 Temperature, Conversions 0 Fahrenheit = ____Celsius 0 Celsius = ____Fahrenheit 0 Kelvin = _____ Fahrenheit 37 Celsius = _____Fahrenheit 50 Fahrenheit =_____Celsius 25 Celsius = ____ Fahrenheit

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