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Summer School Rules Do’s and Don’ts.

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1 Summer School Rules Do’s and Don’ts

2 Attendance Come to school every day! 1 day = 1 week

3 Absences If absent 3 days = no credit for the semester.
Arrive late or leave early, go to office. Parents must phone ( ) if you stay home.

4 Make-Up Work If you are absent, ask your teacher for the assignments.

5 Tardies Tardy (late to school) If tardy 1 hour or less = ½ day absence
If tardy more than 1 hour = 1 day absence

6 Behavior Be good and obey all rules
Dismissed from school (no credit, no second chance) if….

7 You cannot stay in school if…
…do not do what a teacher tells you to. …smoke on school grounds. …use drugs or drink alcohol. …do not come to class when you are supposed to. …fight. …destroy (ruin or wreck school property) …display gang graffiti (wear hat, wear certain colors or symbols) …try to hurt or scare another student

8 Off Campus Rule Stay on school grounds unless you have permission to leave.

9 No smoking No smoking anywhere at anytime!
Not in the bathrooms or in the parking lot!

10 Driving and Parking You may drive and park in the lot.
You must obey all rules. Drive carefully.

11 Bus Rules Obey bus rules.
If not, you will not ride the bus and you may not continue summer school.

12 No hats or coats! Do not wear a hat or coat in the building.
Sweaters are ok.

13 No lockers. Lockers are not available in the summer…do not use one.

14 No electronic communication equipment!
No cell phones, pagers, or beepers are allowed to be on during the school day.

15 Refreshments Vending machines are available.
Keep all food and drink in the cafeteria. No food or drink is allowed in the classroom.

16 Final Exam Policy There is a big test on July 6 and
You cannot take it early.

17 ESL rules Only English is spoken in this room.
No translators or dictionaries unless the teacher says it’s ok. Break time is from 9:55 to 10:10. Be in your seat by 10:10. You must go downstairs to the cafeteria. You may NOT stay in the hallway as classes are in session. You cannot bring any food out of the cafeteria.

18 Do you understand?

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