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2 ESSENTIAL QUESTION What was the Cold War?

3 COLD WAR War of ideas between Soviets and U.S. COMMUNISM- gov. owns businesses (Soviet) CAPITALISM- citizens own businesses (U.S.)

4 SATELLITE NATIONS Those controlled by the Soviets.

5 IRON CURTAIN Term for East European satellite nations.

6 BERLIN WALL Divided German capital into capitalist (West) and communist (East) halves.

7 ESSENTIAL QUESTION How did the U.S deal with the Cold War?

8 BERLIN AIRLIFT U.S gets supplies to West Berlin.

9 CONTAINMENT U.S policy to keep communism from spreading to other nations.

10 NATO Western European nations and U.S form alliance against communism.

11 WARSAW PACT East European nations and Soviets form alliance against capitalism.

12 ESSENTIAL QUESTION In what areas of the world did the Cold War became actual fighting?

13 CHINESE CIVIL WAR Fight between Nationalists and Communists.

14 CHIANG KAI-SHEK Leader of Nationalists- friends of the U.S

15 MAO ZEDONG Leader of Communists- friends of Soviets

16 TAIWAN Nationalists ended up in control of this island.

17 MAINLAND CHINA Controlled by the Communists.

18 KOREAN WAR Fight over communism and capitalism. NORTH- communist, friends of China SOUTH- capitalist, friends of U.S.

19 POLICE ACTION United Nations agrees to protect South Korea. U.S supplies 90% of the soldiers.

20 KIM IL-SUNG North Korean communist dictator, supported by China and Soviet Union.

21 MACARTHUR American general, wanted to use nuclear weapons against China. Fired by U.S President Truman- afraid of WWIII

22 STALEMATE Korean War ends in a tie.

23 38 th Parallel The border between North and South Korea. DEMILITARIZED ZONE- A neutral area between the two Koreas, no one allowed in or out.

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