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Scientific Method What is the Scientific Method?

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1 Scientific Method What is the Scientific Method?
Steps to Solving a problem Observe a Problem Research the Problem Experiment Collect Data Draw a Conclusion

2 Define/State the Problem
Based on Observations Include your 5 senses: Touch,smell,taste,sight,hear

3 Hypothesis Educated Guess
Based on Observations, Inferences, and Previous knowledge A hypothesis is written BEFORE the experiment!

4 Experiment Control Group: Part of experiment that is not changed! All conditions are kept the same Experimental Group: All conditions kept the same except one condition!

5 Experiment Variable: the 1 condition that is changed!
There is only 1 variable in an experiment!

6 Data Dependant Variable: Condition that results from the independent variable. Independent Variable: The condition that is changed. Variable that affects the outcome of the experiment. Example: Rainfall - month

7 Conclusion Collect Data to prove or disprove your hypothesis.
Graph or Tables If positive result – repeat If negative result – make new hypothesis and test over.

8 Theory/Law Theory: Well tested hypothesis Law: Fact
When does a hypothesis become a theory? When it is proven many times.

9 Popcorn Problem Alice accidentally put the jar of popcorn kernels in the freezer. She usually keeps the kernels at room temperature. Alice observed that when she popped the frozed popcorn kernels, they seemed to pop more popcorn.

10 Popcorn Problem State the problem: Does frozen popcorn pop more?
What was the observation made? Frozen popcorn seemed to pop more. Form a Hypothesis: If you freeze popcorn then the popcorn will pop more.

11 Popcorn Problem Control: Popcorn at room temp. Variable
Popcorn in the freezer Constants: Same popcorn, same amount of time, same amount of popcorn, exp. Date, temp.

12 Popcorn Problem Data: Trial # of kernels popped @ room temp
@ of kernels popped in freezer 1 123 129 2 115 126 3 120 135 4 125 140 5 130 144

13 Popcorn Problem How could we show our data in picture form?
Dependant Variable? Amount Popped Independent Variable? Frozen Popcorn

14 123 129 115 126 120 135 125 140 130 144

15 Popcorn Problem Conclusion:
Frozen Popcorn pops more than popcorn at room temperature!

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