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Buddhism Follow the Noble Eightfold Path The Middle Way.

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2 Buddhism Follow the Noble Eightfold Path The Middle Way

3 Fundamentals Siddhartha Gautama Types – Theravada – Mahayana – Tibetan – Zen – Modern Beliefs – Reincarnation – Four Noble Truths – Eightfold Path

4 Siddhartha Gautama Born in Royalty Miraculous Birth The visions/journeys Moderation & Meditation Under the Bodhi Tree The Dharma

5 Theravada Southern Buddhism Scriptural inspiration from the Tripitaka Monastic life Intellectualism Meditation and Concentration Bodhisattva

6 Mahayana Effort to bring Buddhism to the people. The greater ox cart Vow to continue reincarnating until suffering ends Enlightenment through patient discipline, meditation, right living, and compassion for all life.

7 Differences Intense time-consuming effort to attain enlightenment Goal: Reach Nirvana Wisdom first Meditation: Monk/Nun Teaching or Philosophy Primarily moved South and West Primary Texts in Pali Regular life with spiritual involvement Goal: Be reborn to help all sentient beings reach Nirvana Compassion first World/Community Higher beings/Religion Moved North Primary Texts are in Sanskrit

8 Chaan (Zen) China, from Mahayana Japan Dhyana No-Mind- Wu-hsin Simply Observe, but not label Non-symbolic Abandon theory and systems

9 Basics Sila…Virtue –Equality –Reciprocity Samadhi –Meditation Prajna –Wisdom

10 The 4 Noble Truths Dukkha –Suffering Exists Samudaya –There is a cause Nirodha –There is an end Magga –Eightfold Path


12 The Five Precepts 1. Do not Kill 2. Do not steal 3. Do not lie 4. Do not misuse sex 5. Do not consume drugs or alochol.

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