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How to be a Successful Student… …and are you interested in tripling your salary…?

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2 How to be a Successful Student…

3 …and are you interested in tripling your salary…?



6 WHICH ONE ARE YOU? 1.Make an effort from the start 2.Use a planner to write down homework, & due dates for quizzes, tests, & projects 3.Do your homework 4.Study for quizzes & tests 1.Wait to see how you do, then try harder 2.Dont use a planner, but I will remember the important stuff 3.Dont do or finish homework 4.Dont study for quizzes or tests



9 5.Pay attention in class 6.Take notes in class 7.Do homework as soon as I get home 8.Eat a healthy breakfast 9.Get 6-8 hours of sleep 5.Pay attention if I find it interesting? 6.Take notes if I find it interesting 7.Wait to do homework 8.Dont eat breakfast 9.Less than 6 hrs sleep WHICH ONE ARE YOU? (2)

10 Where Do You do Your Sleeping?

11 SLEEPING Researchers at Harvard Medical School in Boston say that losing out on sleep disrupts students' ability to learn and remember. The study reports that sleep is an important aspect of the learning process and that if students miss out on sleep their ability to perform academic tasks declines. Even if students tried to catch up on missed sleep, the negative impact on performance was still apparent three days after the initial loss of sleep. The suggestion is that sleep plays an important part in the way that people learn, with the sleep process helping to make new information "stick".

12 What Kind of Breakfast Do you eat?

13 EATING BREAKFAST Numerous studies indicate that students who start their day with a healthy breakfast perform better in school, behave better, and are absent less frequently than students who do not. Thus, a huge increase in student participation at breakfast would seem to bode well for future student success in school.

14 10.Get help before failing 11.Ask teachers review questions before a quiz or test 12.Academics is my priority at school 13.I use my study halls 14.I will stay after school if I have an academic problem 15.I seriously think about my future 16.Get to bus stop, school, & class on time 10.Wait until I am failing then ask for help 11.Dont know what to ask a teacher before a review 12.Socializing is my priority at school 13.I waste my study halls 14.I dont stay after school if I have an academic problem 15.I dont think about my future, because I have plenty of time to do so 16.Get to school & class when I can WHICH ONE ARE YOU? (3)

15 Getting to Class On time




19 Student – Teacher Relationship


21 LEGAL PROBLEMS Juvenile Detention Center is a short-term holding facility. Kids placed at the center by court order & are awaiting trial, waiting sentencing, or waiting for placement in another alternative setting (group home, day treatment, boot camp, etc). The average reading level for teens in the facility is at 5th-6th grade level. Most have not not been academically successful in their previous schools.

22 Kid versus Young Adult Kid The world revolves Around you. Its all about Me, I can do what I want. You can pick & choose The rules & boundaries. Nobody can tell me what to Do. Everyone has to show me Respect, I choose who I want To respect! The world owes me Whatever I want. If I dont get What I want it is someone elses Fault. If I am not successful, it is Someone else is to blame, not me. Young Adult You are an important Part of the world. I am Important, but so is Everyone else. Others make the rules & Draw the boundaries. Respect is a 2 way street Being held accountable is Not disrespect. I have the Opportunity to do almost Anything, if I work for it & earn it. I know the People who are important To my success.

23 Consequences if You Dont Grow Up Warnings –Teachers, Guidance, Housemasters –Interim Reports –Parent / Guardian Meetings End Results –Poor grades / failing grades = lose credit –Failure to advance to next grade or graduate –Repeat grade again due to lost credits / summer school –Repeat same classes with the same teachers –Cant take electives due to core course requirements –Drop Out …. –Asked to take Adult Education (You pay & in evenings) –GED


25 Review Get good sleep & eat a good breakfast Study & do your homework Get to school & class on time Come prepared to class, pay attention, & participate. If you dont understand something or have a problem, tell your teacher You are responsible for your success, so work Treat yourself & others with respect School is your job, are you earning your paycheck (grades)


27 Balance for Success College –Get enough sleep –Go to school /class / on time –Class selection (Rigor) –Competitive Grades (GPA) –Know # of credits they have –Do Homework & Readings –Study for Quiz / Tests –Pay attention / participate –TAKE NOTES (college reqt.) –Be prepared & use tools (pens, library, planner) –Community service / Teams & Groups –Use a PLANNER –College Entrance Exams (SAT / ACT) –Demonstrate a Mature Attitude –Responsibility & Accountability –Demonstrate a WORK ETHIC –Know the Scholarships /Grants/Loan Process –Know the Application Process –Friends (Make you a better person) No College –Not enough sleep / tired (late or sleep in class) –Cut school / class / late for class –No clue just taking easy classes –Dont know/care/ plenty of time to fix my GPA –Dont know # of credits & why –No or some Homework & Readings –Dont study for Quiz / Tests –Dont pay attn: Talk, sleep, text, Never take notes –Dont use available tools –No community service / Tms or groups –Dont have or use a Planner –Dont take PSAT, may take but dont study for SAT /ACT –Immature / Everything is a joke or a goof –Always have an excuse & its someone elses fault –Only demonstrate a CHILL ETHIC –Dont know about scholarship or grant reqts –Dont know about College Application Process –Dont know the difference between Acquaintances & Friends

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