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Portrait of Henri Matisse by Henri Cartier Bresson.

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2 Portrait of Henri Matisse by Henri Cartier Bresson

3 By Cartier Bresson


5 Cartier Bresson

6 Versailles 1937 Cartier Bresson

7 Cartier Bresson

8 Balthus & his Wife Cartier Bresson

9 Martine Franck - Balthus e sua moglie Setsuko, 1999

10 Henri Cartier Bresson drawing Artiste by Martine Franck

11 ph101/Slides%20index.htm ph101/Slides%20index.htm Alexander Rodchenko Portrait of My Mother 1924 Gelatin silver print Portrait of My Mother

12 Dulcie Marnce in the lounge of her small flat in Quality Street, Wentworth. She also participated as a photographer in the DSPP's July 2003 workshop, taking pictures of her neighbours and at the nearby frail care home where she does voluntary work keeping residents company, singing hymns whilst playing her portable 'cassio' electric piano. neighboursnearby frail care home phot/jennie/pjennie.htm

13 Olga Ogle with her grandsons Peter and Quinton Buckley at their Hime Street Flat. Jenny Gordon, 17 December 2003. Gordon had first taken a picture of Olga in July and she came to our exhibition opening on December 16, 2003. She was very keen to have another picture taken of herself and her family. Her written comment at the exhibition: "I love Hime street. God Bless You". phot/jennie/pjennie.htm

14 phot/jennie/pjennie.htm Mr Davis, who fought in World War II, reading his autobiography to Oliver Meth in his third floor flat, Alabama Road, Wentworth. See also the view of the Engen refinery from his balconyview of the Engen refinery

15 phot/jennie/pjennie.htm

16 Mr and Mrs Snyman with their family portraits. Wentworth, Durban 30/3/2002 phot/jennie/pjennie.htm




20 g


22 © Hans Hammarskjöld Portrait of Edward Steichen

23 Portrait of Edward Steichen by Fred Stein images/Steichen.jpg

24 1952 Frank Lloyd Wright 1952 By Fred Stein

25 Buckminster Fuller 1966 By Fred Stein

26 Georgia OKeefe by Fred Stein

27 Arnold Newman Georgia O'Keefe, Ghost Ranch, New Mexico 1968Gelatin silver print


29 uckminster Fuller 1966 eofmedicine/img/portraits/49.jpg

30 Bob Wells, Piute Indian, Owens Valley, California, 1948 Ansel Adams photo/great/Steichen.htm

31 Franz Liszt qt 75 years, 1886 Nadar photo/great/Steichen.htm

32 photo/great/Steichen.htm photo/great/Steichen.htm Julia Margaret Cameron Charles Darwin 1869 Sir John Hershel 1867

33 E. M. Burkhart, Riverview, FL (Blockhead with Nail) (1993) David Graham

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