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“To Build A Fire” Review.

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1 “To Build A Fire” Review

2 Chilcoot Pass

3 Dyea, Alaska

4 Ice Trap

5 Questions: How would you describe the man in London's story?
How experienced is the man? Is he a novice? Prepared? What does the man seem to think of his own abilities? How does the man behave in relation to his environment?

6 Let’s write This story is told by a third person, omniscient narrator. How would this passage be different if it were narrated via first person point of view? Would the story change? Choose one paragraph and re-write it using 1st person narration. You can take the point of view from the man or the dog. (You will turn this in for a grade).

7 Deeper thinking… How does the man and dog's relationship symbolize the man's relationship to his environment? What does the man's failure to "build a fire" symbolize?

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