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DPHT Spring 2007 Meeting ABBOTT NUTRITION Mary-Jeanne Metz March 19, 2007 From Benchtop to Bedside – Contributing All Along the Development Pathway.

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1 DPHT Spring 2007 Meeting ABBOTT NUTRITION Mary-Jeanne Metz March 19, 2007 From Benchtop to Bedside – Contributing All Along the Development Pathway

2 DPHT Spring 2007 Meeting ABBOTT NUTRITION The Library Professional in a Consumer Product Environment Mary-Jeanne Metz March 19, 2007

3 Providing High Calorie Information ABBOTT NUTRITION in a Low Fat Setting

4 Overview of the consumer product nutrition business Library / Research Records Services organization at AN Whos coming to our table? Menu of services: Appetizers, entrées and dessert Q&A Providing high calorie information in a low fat setting

5 Hippocrates (c. 400 BC) is credited with the familiar quote "Let food be your medicine and medicine be your food." often cited today by the popular press in reporting research findings on foods & ingredients. Youve seen… Overview of the nutrition business today

6 the catchy and often confusing food & ingredient headlines! Prevention, Feb. 2007 US News & World Reports, Dec. 26, 2005-Jan. 2, 2006 Consumer Reports, July 2005 Overview of the nutrition business today

7 Consumer Reports, July 2005 Consumer Reports on Health, Feb. 2007 Time Online, Apr 26, 2006 Overview of the nutrition business today

8 The Economist, Sep. 2, 2006 Parents Magazine, Apr. 2005 Overview of the nutrition business today Time, Mar 12, 2007

9 My favorite… Cover story in Fortune, February 5, 2007 Overview of the nutrition business today

10 Nutrition: A challenging research area: Overview of the nutrition business today As Michael Pollan, author of The Omnivores Dilemma, recently wrote in the NYT Magazine: (1/28/07) … even the simplest food is a hopelessly complex thing to study, a virtual wilderness of chemical compounds, many of which exist in complex and dynamic relation to one another…

11 Overview of the nutrition business today As an example, Pollan listed 35 antioxidants found in the garden- variety of thyme alone! Exciting stuff and descriptive of our environment at AN where

12 research is a hallmark of our brands, including Overview of the nutrition business today

13 And of course, research requires information Overview of the nutrition business today But first, lets take a quick look at pharma vs. nutrition product development

14 Overview of the nutrition business today AN product development has a number of similarities to pharmaceutical product development. Consider, e.g., that both depend on… -Innovation and a robust pipeline -Preclinical and clinical research results -Patents and trademarks -Supply chain and manufacturing processes -Quality and safety programs; counterfeiting concerns -Marketing and sales functions -Excellent customer and consumer relations -Efficiency and profitability -Talented, dedicated work force

15 Overview of the nutrition business today And both environments have… -Growing global markets with an increased number of regulatory bodies and submissions -Competitors and generics -Licensing opportunities

16 Overview of the nutrition business today Some nutrition business differences include: -Shorter pipeline time -Competitors generally diversified consumer & health care manufacturers -Regulatory submissions differ, e.g. exempt infant formula submissions vs. NDAs -Product claims rather than drug indications -But with grey areas – e.g. Ensure is considered a drug in Japan -Product success more dependent on consumer education & decision-making -Private label brand competition vs. generics -Trends play a bigger role in product introductions & market acceptance

17 -Coordinate resources / collaborate with the Abbott Corporate Pharma Library in Chicago -Physically housed in Columbus, OH; Administratively under AN RA -Library / research records services - approved for 3 FTEs – truly low fat and hands on -Responsible for library/records researching services for the global nutrition business of ~$4 billion in annual sales – A high calorie calling Library / Records organization at AN -Based in the information Research Center

18 Whos Coming to our Table? -R&D scientists are our largest client base – about 40% -Medical Affairs – about 20% -Marketing & Sales – about 15% -Patent Department – about 10% -Global affiliates – about 10% -Others – about 5% -Growing areas include:

19 Menu of Services

20 Appetizers The quick search – easy to digest facts, figures, data, stats…. Find it fast – e-journals, books, databases, internal technical reports and research records (often directional requests) The up-to-the-minute – daily business papers and alerts, TOCs All selections can be delivered to the desktop Menu of Services

21 Entrées Business on demand – In depth company search results, including history, people, business drivers, financials, IP and marketing activity; Served with a side of product information Health & medicine combo – Results are plated together for completeness; Food Sci DBs can be added Science plate – Comprehensive science searches are presented in a report format with a side of internal research information Menu of Services

22 Entrées Signature cuisine choices – A search entrée to specification, custom alerts, individual or group search training sessions Patent palette – Array of IP information served as surveillance, patentability, freedom to operate or custom Menu of Services The consultant – Customized meeting with user to identify ongoing Information needs and best practices for staying current in a specific area of expertise

23 Dessert feature The latest trends – In nutrition, ingredients, marketing to consumers and more; designed to generate or validate ideas for innovation Menu of Services

24 and possibly where information services can have the sweetest impact on business success. Well return to dessert in just a moment, but first… Menu of Services

25 Some library / information services similarities with pharma -Downsizing and outsourcing; reduced staffing; doing more with less -Growing need for user training and assistance with information overload, synthesis and analysis -Ongoing pressure to quantify contributions to the bottom line -Continuing need to market our services, keep up with technology, keep up with copyright issues, etc. -Importance of developing our own innovations – in service delivery, knowledge sharing, e.g. -Increasing number of end-users and databases Menu of Services

26 Consumer products (nutrition) information sources generally include -Trade journals, market research reports, news sources -Popular press and Internet sources, including food/nutrition blogs -Company/competitor sources and global business press -Patent and trademark DBs Menu of Services -Food science journals & databases, medicine/alternative medicine journals & DBs, analytical abstracts DB, toxicology/safety DBs

27 A closer look at our dessert (trend analysis and innovation support) Menu of Services - Dessert

28 Specific sources we use Trade journals Brandweek, Advertising Age, Prepared Foods, JapanScan Food Industry Bulletin, Beverage World, Food & Drug Packaging Menu of Services - Dessert Marketing-oriented journals & DBs New Nutrition Business, Kids Nutrition Report, Nutrition Business Journal, Supermarket News, Nutraceuticals International, Global New Products DB (Mintel), Natural Medicine DB Market research reports Baby Boomers and the U.S. Food and Beverage Industry Tomorrows Private Label Consumers Targeting Profitable Consumer Trends in Brazil, Russia, India and China News sources; Business Source Corporate (Ebsco)

29 Popular press Health, Prevention, Working Mother, American Baby, Tufts Health & Nutrition Letter, Parents, Mothering, Better Nutrition, Consumer Reports Menu of Services - Dessert Internet US government sites Blogs

30 Patent & Trademarks Micropatent,, Superior Intelligence (newsletter) Menu of Services - Dessert Food Science, Medicine, Toxicology DBs, e-journals, e-books and more Dialog OneSearch e-journals through ScienceDirect, Blackwell Synergy, Wiley InterScience, ACS, Springer, etc. Regulatory The Tan Sheet (includes nutritionals), USDA, FDA and related websites Small company information,, Internet

31 Putting it together for our users Trend analysis & innovation services deliverables Menu of Services - Dessert

32 Custom reports Menu of Services - Dessert

33 …and FastScan, our twice monthly click & scan e-alert summary Menu of Services - Dessert

34 focused on our business by area Menu of Services - Dessert

35 FastScan has been passing Fred Reichhelds The Ultimate Question Dont stop doing FastScan. I depend on it. (patent attorney) This is great. Thanks so much. (EVP) Love this service. Thanks a lot!! (senior scientist) Would you recommend us to a friend? Since we are getting more employees asking to be added to the circulation list Some comments from our readers: Menu of Services - Dessert

36 Sometimes I get concerned, though that well promise more than we can deliver… Menu of Services - Dessert o.k., stressed

37 but then I remember that STRESSED is just DESSERTS backwards! Menu of Services - Dessert

38 And were off and running again Menu of Services - Dessert providing high calorie information in a low fat setting

39 Questions

40 DPHT Spring 2007 Meeting ABBOTT NUTRITION

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