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SLA Asian Chapter BP Prakash – President, SLA Asian Chapter June 2011.

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1 SLA Asian Chapter BP Prakash – President, SLA Asian Chapter June 2011

2 SLA Asian Chapter Introduction : Established in 1999. Celebrating 12 purposeful Years. One of the bigger chapters, covering a large geographical area consisting of over 21 countries, which includes Bangladesh, Bhutan, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Laos, Macau, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam. About 200 members, currently.

3 SLA Asian Chapter Mission Statement : To provide a networking facility for all Asian Librarians and facilitate visits. To provide global access to other Chapters and Divisions, wikis, blogs and Community of Practice areas. To organize training, workshops, seminars and conferences in the Asian region. To celebrate the diversity of the Asian Chapter through its members, recognizing the cultural identities.

4 SLA Asian Chapter Office Bearers DesignationName PresidentMr BP Prakash / India President-ElectDr Harish Chandra / India Immediate past president Ms Kyoko Sato / Japan SecretaryDr Medha V Joshi / India Directors Mr Maqsood A Shaheen / Pakistan Ms Jeanette Reagan/ Australia Ms Jane Macoustra / UK TreasurerMr Jay Bhatt / USA CountryName Hong KongBen Keefe JapanMr Dave McCaughan Pakistan Mr Nooruddin Merchant Ms Muzammil Tahira, MalaysiaMs Harvinder Kaur Executive BoardCountry Representatives

5 Operational Committee 2011 Operational CommitteesName Nominations Ms Sushma Arora (Chair) / India Ms Kyoko Sato / Japan Mr. Scott Davidson / Singapore Ms Jane Macoustra / UK Memberships Mr Debal C Kar (Chair) / India Dr Nagappa B / India Mr Shivmohan Kahar / India Mr Ben Keefe / Hong Kong Awards Mr PK Jain (Chair) / India Ms Jeanette Reagan / Australia Ms Kyoko Sato / Japan Dr Harish Chandra / India Mr KV Satyanarayana / India Sponsorships & Programs Mr Kishore Ingale (Chair) / India Mr Yamakawa / Japan Mr Salek Chand / India Dr Tariq Ashraf / India Ms Lata Suresh / India Training & Mentoring Ms Meera Gaikaiwari (chair) / India Dr Shubhada Nagarkar / India Ms Anita Pujari / India Editorial Dr TS Kumbhar / (Editor) / India Dr. H. Anil Kumar / India Mr M Nandeesha / India Dr. Sridevi Jetty / India Dr Medha Joshi/India Portal ManagementMr Manish Ranjan (Web Master) / India

6 Awards by the Asian Chapter Winners of 2011 Asian Chapter Awards Dr. H. Anil Kumar, IIM, Ahmedabad, India SLA Asian Professional Award' sponsored Balani Infotech, IGroup and Asian Chapter, SLA Mr. Bijoy Ketan Panda, TCS, Bhubaneswar, Orissa, India. 'SLA Asian Librarian Award' sponsored by IEEE and Asian Chapter, SLA Ms. Geeta Paliwal, IEG, Delhi, India. 'Early Career Award' sponsored by Business & Finance Division and Asian Chapter, SLA

7 Other SLA awards won by Asian Chapter Members Dr Debal Kar, Teri, New Delhi SLA HQs recognition/ award for membership development. Mr. Salek Chand, Election Commission of India, New Delhi 'SLA 2011 International Travel Award' for Business and Finance Division (sponsored by ISI Emerging Markets). Ms. Sushma Arora, TCS, New Delhi SLA 2011 Business & Finance Division's 'Impact Award'. Mr. P K Jain, Institute of Economic Growth (IEG), New Delhi SLA 2011 Business &Finance Division's 'Professional Grant'. Dr Harish Chandra, IIT Madras, SLA 2011 Science & Technology Division,s 'Bonnie-Hilditch International Award.

8 Select Award Winners 2010… Ms. Sushma Arora Tata Consultancy Services International Travel Award Ms. Snehlata Sharma Tata Consultancy Services

9 2011 Events ICoASL – Japan One Day Seminar at Pune, India One Day Seminar at Lucknow, India One Day Seminar at Mumbai, India

10 2011 Events – ICoASL Japan

11 2011 Events – ICoASL - Japan

12 2011 Events – One Day Seminar at Pune, India


14 Events – One Day Seminar at Lucknow, India


16 Events – One Day Seminar at Mumbai, India


18 Publications

19 Achievements so Far… 1.Website completely reorganized to make it user friendly. 2.Regular and transparent communication for better clarity and participation. 3.Evaluation of Chapter award applications made more comprehensive & systematic based on inputs from other chapters 4.Extensive marketing and public relations activity … Regular Publication of the news letter, two done & one to go. 5.Associate sponsors for Online Information Asia Pacific Conference at Hong Kong + setup a kiosk (Mr Ben Keefe), March 23 – 24. 6.Represented (Ms. Sushma Arora ) in the SLA Arabian Gulf Chapter 17th Annual Conference 2011 at Muscat on ( March 8-10)

20 Plans & Projections 1.To increase the chapter membership to 500 by end of 2012. 2.Consolidate chapter accounts and stream line budget processes 3.Increase memberships from students, teachers & vendors. 4.Increase collaboration with other chapters and divisions. 5.Conduct the next International Conference on Asian Special Libraries (ICoASL) in India during 2012/13. 6.Negotiate with SLA headquarters for discounted price for CLICK programs. 7.An intensive skills development workshop by end of 2011. 8.Training Committee to expand from last years training survey ( Sushma Arora) and come out with exact requirements. 9.Nomination committee to bring out revised guidelines for deciding on the board of 2012.

21 Thank You

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