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Ms. Engle Forensics Class

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1 Ms. Engle Forensics Class
Collection Notes Ms. Engle Forensics Class

2 Crime Scenes and Evidence
As a crime scene investigator: After a crime: First responder Give aid Interview witnesses Secure and protect the integrity of the crime scene Prevent others from disturbing the evidence

3 Documentation Photography Notes Video Taping Sketches


5 Crime Scene Search Patterns
Line method Strip method Grid method Wheel method Spiral method Zone method Link method

6 Patterns

7 When searching for evidence
Look beyond the obvious Search methodology Search Pattern Record Evidence- Chain of Custody Preventing Contamination SMID

8 Types of Evidence Various definitions: Now:
???“Animal, mineral or vegetable”??? Now: Chemical, biological or microscopic

9 Types of Evidence Expert Evidence Testimonial Evidence
In or out of court, opinions Testimonial Evidence Interviews, statements, etc. Physical Evidence Trace, blood, fibers

10 Evidence Protocols Important because: Sets a standard
Leaves little room for error Difficult to challenge

11 Collection of Physical Evidence
Get the whole object Wet Let Dry!!!! Primary AND Secondary Survey Fresh or rested eyes 2nd set of eyes Scientific-ness

12 Reconstruction of Evidence
How the act occurred  base on evidence, not Skepticism Use the end result to look at the past Look at components: Crime Scene & Evidence Forensic Lab Tests Logic and Reasoning EXPERIENCE

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