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Math Changes 2010-2012 -Curriculum -Pacing Guides - Vocabulary -Benchmarks Norwalk Public Schools Craig Creller Leeann Glick Sandra Fisher.

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1 Math Changes 2010-2012 -Curriculum -Pacing Guides - Vocabulary -Benchmarks Norwalk Public Schools Craig Creller Leeann Glick Sandra Fisher

2 Recent Changes in CT… 2005 – new State Frameworks along with the 4 th generation CMT 2006 – New Connecticut Benchmark Assessment System (CBAS) 2007 – First ever Grade level Expectations (G.L.E.s) 2009 – First ever Pacing Guides for grades K-8

3 What does this mean for Norwalk? Did we have what Reeves and Marzano call a guaranteed and viable curriculum? Was the curriculum common to all schools? What common assessments existed? Were they aligned to State standards? How were they used? – To Drive Instruction? - For Progress Reports? Student Achievement across the District???

4 What needs to be done? 1.) Align our current materials, textbooks and programs to the new Frameworks, G.L.E.s and Pacing Guides. 2.) Agree upon common Vocabulary at each grade level and how to best teach it. 3.) Determine how to Benchmark the curriculum across the District – Especially for grades K-2. (DIP requires Benchmarks) 4.) Develop and use Common Formative Assessments (CFAs) for grades K-8.

5 Current Assessments CMT CAPT PSAT/SAT AP District tests (midterms, finals, mid-year, end-of-year, etc…)

6 Proposed Assessments (COMMON) CFAs – Common Formative Assessments CBAS – Connecticut Benchmark Assessment System

7 7 The Power Of COMMON Assessments Schools with the greatest improvements in student achievement consistently used common assessments. D.B. Reeves, Accountability In Action, 2004

8 8 What Are Common Formative Assessments? Not standardized tests, but rather teacher-created, teacher-owned assessments that are collaboratively scored and that provide immediate feedback to students and teachers. D.B. Reeves, CEO, The Leadership and Learning Center

9 CBAS for Mathematics (CT Benchmark Assessment System) FREE. Can be administered via computer labs or clickers in one sitting. INSTANT results. Completely aligned to G.L.E.s and our new Pacing Guides. Results itemized by G.L.E. for each student. Formative and Summative.

10 CBAS – Test Less, Teach more! Can be used as our UNIVERSAL SCREEN. Can be our BENCHMARK for curriculum accountability. Can be used to inform and drive instruction. Can be used to identify SRBI interventions.

11 11 The Two Tools of Assessment No single assessment can meet everyones information needs…To maximize student success, assessment must be seen as an instructional tool for use while learning is occurring, and as an accountability tool to determine if learning has occurred. Because both purposes are important, they must be in balance. NEA: Balanced Assessment: Key to Accountability and Improved Student Learning, 2003

12 What has been done this year? Elementary Math Steering Committee formed - New Curriculum alignment to BOTH Voyages and Growing with Math - New Pacing Guides aligned to G.L.E.s and CBAS. - Creation of model/sample CFAs has begun for units beginning this November (Winter 2010) in grades 3-5. (some Spring also available) Plan to participate in CBAS in 2011 (grades 3-5) Updated website with Teacher Resources (see next slide) -

13 Our math website… th/Pages/Elementary.aspx Be sure to sign in (upper right corner) and check out the Math Teacher Resources - CFAs - Links - Math Documents (PowerPoints, PD, etc…)


15 What is left to be done this year? Prioritize the G.L.E.s for grades K-2 (in process) Determine how to best Benchmark grades K-2. Create the actual Benchmarks (K-2). Continue creating model/sample CFAs for all units (grades 3-5). Review/Revise grade-level Vocabulary. Standardize Curricula and Pacing for Algebra, Geometry & Algebra II.

16 Suggestions … (for Success) Visit our website and become familiar with the new documents. Invite the Math Team to visit your school to share and dialogue about how to make all this work smoothly. Please share feedback and questions with your Steering Committee member. Continue to collaborate in grade level data teams (IDTs). Schedule help/training as needed – We WILL come out to meet the whole school or directly with grade-level teams.


18 Resources/Links/Contacts CBAS Overview: urces/CBAS%20Overview_20090902.pdf Craig M. Creller K-12 Instructional Specialist, Mathematics Norwalk Public Schools (203)-854-4111, Sandra Fisher Numeracy Coach Norwalk Public Schools (203)-854-4111, Leeann Glick Numeracy Coach Norwalk Public Schools (203)-854-4111,

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