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1 Conflict

2 Reading Do Now: Who are the antagonists in Esperanza Rising?
Hint: The word “antagonize” is found partly in “antagonist”.

3 Reading Objectives: C.O.: Students will identify two types of conflicts in Esperanza Rising. L.O.: Students will explain the three types of conflicts.

4 Types of Conflict There are three types of conflict
1.) Man versus Nature 2.) Man versus Man 3.) Man versus Himself

5 Man versus Nature Man is pushed into conflict by events that are found in nature Ex.) Brian trying to survive alone in the wilderness – Gary Paulsen’s novel, Hatchet Dorothy stuck in the tornado

6 Man versus Man The character is in conflict with another character or characters. Ex.) Harry Potter and Voldermort Ex.) Superman and Lex Luthor

7 Man versus Himself The character battles with his
thoughts, ideas, or beliefs in an attempt to figure out what he or she should do. Ex.) Spiderman 3 – Peter Parker deciding whether to give up Venom or to stay Spiderman

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