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NCCU Open Source Software: XBRL Toolset 20110624.

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1 NCCU Open Source Software: XBRL Toolset

2 XBRL Toolset Sub Systems Text to XML –TTX Editor –TTX Converter XML to XBRL-FR Instance –Taxonomy Mapper –Instance Converter XBRL-FR Taxonomy/Instance to CSV XBRL-FR Instance Viewer XBRL-FR Instance Validator XBRL-GL Instance to CSV

3 XBRL Toolset 1 Text to XML

4 Two-Pass Convertion p n xml To XBRL Context.. Unit.. Item.. Tuple.. text sample Instance …… Internal xml text to xml

5 TTX Converter Text to XML p n text sample …… xml …… xml schema TTX format definition file TTX Editor

6 TTX format definition file Extension To XML Schema One root only

7 TTX Editor

8 TTX Converter Select TTX Select Text files output XML files

9 XBRL Toolset 2 XML to XBRL-FR Instance

10 Instance Converter XML to XBRL-FR Instance …… Source XML …… Source XML schema Taxonomy Mapper XBRL-FR Instance XBRL Taxonomy Taxonomy Mapping file XSLT file

11 Taxonomy Mapping file Format is similar to XBRL Instance Can use XPath as attribute/value Use SourceXML attribute as source link Export to XSLT XPath expression

12 Taxonomy Mapper

13 Taxonomy Mapper, drag drop design

14 Instance Converter Select XSLT Select XML files output Instance files

15 XBRL Toolset 3 XBRL-FR Taxonomy/Instance to CSV

16 FR2CSV System Design XBRL InstanceXBRL Taxonomy combined XML Data Pass1, Structure data combine Column XML Data CSV Pass2, XSLT transform Pass3, XML to CSV XSLT file Extract Structure

17 FR2CSV batch convert Select XSLT Select Instance files output CSV files

18 XBRL Toolset 4 XBRL-FR Instance Viewer

19 XBRL-FR Instance Viewer



22 XBRL Toolset 5 XBRL-FR Instance Validator

23 XBRL-FR Instance Validator

24 XBRL Toolset 6 XBRL-GL Instance to CSV

25 GL2CSV System Design GL Taxonomy GL Instance Empty Table find all columns in Taxonomy CSV Flat entryDetail to rows

26 Excel Row: entryDetail tree flatting

27 XBRL-GL Instance to CSV For Easy reading/converting GL Instance

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