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2 Gapahuk At the local shore where people go for picnic and swimming during the summer half of the year, a shelter is now being constructed. The «gapahuk» will be open all year for everyone to use. It is being built the same way the fishermen and farmers at the west coast of Norway have built boathouses and barns for more than a thousand years! NORWAY

3 Old Outhouse Outhouses are buildings people among other things keep tools and firewood. In the old days people built their outhouse using different materials and different techniques. This is a picture of a very old outhouse near our school in Røvær. Barn In earlier days many families in Røvær had a small barn. Their main income was usually by fishing, but beside this they could have a horse, a cow and some sheep. People kept these animals to be self-supported with meat and milk. The picture shows a barn that was built many years ago. As what was (or is) common with barns, the owner stored hay at second floor, and the first floor were used as a stable. NORWAY

4 GERMANY Rathaus – Town hall testifies to the former wealth of the city from various stages of construction, start 1517 Special feature: plant tower with two golden goats

5 GERMANY Birnstilsches Haus Renaissance town house from 1545 former building of the Franciscan framework with many features Former inn Golden sun Renaissance town house from 1594 1670 – 1707 Inn Golden sun 1831 – 1871 Postbuilding after world war 1 Cinema 2005 – 2007 extensively renovate

6 White villa Representative Art Nouveau Formerly belonged to the industrialist Richard Bestehorn Is currently being renovated extensively and will be a home for elderly people Krukmannsches Haus Renaissance – town house from 1572 built by the merchant Herrmann Krukmann after his trip to Moscow extensively renovated in 1998 GERMANY

7 SPAIN EDIFICIO MIRADOR SANCHINARRO This peculiar square building with a hole in the middle is the most famous building in its neighbourhood. It is a modern building with 21 floors. The views to the Guadarrama mountains are marvellous. THE TOWN HALL IN MADRID It was the former Communication Palace, built in 1918. These two white buildings are placed in the historic centre of Madrid, with 30,000 square metres. It is one of the first examples of modern arquitecture. The designer´s aim was to create a building for people. In 1993 it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest. THE TOWN HALL IN MADRID It was the former Communication Palace, built in 1918. These two white buildings are placed in the historic centre of Madrid, with 30,000 square metres. It is one of the first examples of modern arquitecture. The designer´s aim was to create a building for people. In 1993 it was declared a Monument of Cultural Interest.

8 SPAIN TORRES KIO OR EUROPE GATE These two towers, Kio Towers, are leaning15º respect the vertical position, with 114 metres and 26 floors. They are the second highest twin towers in Spain. They were the first leaning skyscrapers built in the world (in 1996). CAIXAFORUM This building was a power-station and it was rebuilt with original results. This new museum has an open square with fountains and cascades. You may appreciate a rusty metalic finish. One of its lateral fronts has a spectacular vertical garden, a green carpet full of hundreds of plants. This museum has circular stairs reminding the Guggenheim Museum in New York.

9 SPAIN MUSEO DEL PRADO The National Prado Museum, built in the 19th century, is one of the most important and most visited museums in the world. A portico integrated by six Tuscan columns is in the front central part of the building. There is a statue of the famous artist Velázquez outside the museum. TEMPLO DE DEBOD This is a 2,200 years-old temple from the old Egypt placed at the West of Plaza de España. It stands in the same direction as it was from East to West. It was a present from Egypt to Spain to acknowledge the help of our government in the construction of the Aswan Dam in 1968.

10 ITALY a tower house in Piazza Grande Arezzo cathedral

11 ITALY Saint Mary parish tower the entrance of the Fraternity of Lay palace

12 ITALY the old courthouse The Vasari arches

13 _eský Krumlov, the Czech Republic - one of the beautiful houses in the historic centre THE CZECH REPUBLIC _eský Krumlov, the Czech Republic - the facade of an emblematic Renaissance building

14 THE CZECH REPUBLIC _eský Krumlov, the Czech Republic - the rounded six- storied tower of the Castle _eský Krumlov, the Czech Republic - the three-storied covered arched bridge - part of the Castle

15 _eský Krumlov, the Czech Republic - the view of the Castle complex, the Church of St. Vitus and some of the typical houses in the centre THE CZECH REPUBLIC

16 AUSTRIA Die Wotruba Kirche The Church of the holy of holiest Trinity in Vienna, better known as the Wotruba Church, is located on the Sankt Georgenberg in Mauer in the 23rd District of Vienna. It was built between August 1974 and October 1976 on the basis of a model by Fritz Wotruba.ViennaSankt GeorgenbergMauerDistrict of ViennaFritz Wotruba The church startles at first glance, resembling more an enlarged piece of abstract sculpture. It provides visitors with the unique opportunity to enter into an art form more often viewed on a much smaller scale. Fritz Wotruba wanted to show that being poor is not the same as ugly, and that believing in God is wonderful even if it is in a very similar building. Lots of visitors have come to see that building even before it was finished. The building consists of 152 asymmetrically arranged concrete blocks of a size between 0.84 m3 to 64 m3, the highest block measures 13.10m.concrete

17 The new railwaystation - west Rebuilding 2008-2011 Since mid-September 2008 a series of undertakings have been commenced at Wien West, including the renovation of the listed ticket hall, the removal of the expensive, redundant flag poles outside of the station and the construction of new buildings to the left and right of the main hall, all of which are part of the new BahnhofCity project. To the left, above the park on the corner of Mariahilfer Straße and Neubaugürtel, an office building with a large atrium, on the other side another modern office complex with integrated hotel are being constructed. The plan includes space for roughly 100 shops and various restaurants. During this construction period the entire ticket hall and the Europaplatz in front of it have been shut down. A provisional station has been created to the left of the main hall so that the station may remain in operation. Austrian Federal Railway (31 October 2008). Retrieved 29 November 2008. AUSTRIA The Mur-island in Graz The Murinsel in Graz, Austria, is actually not an island at all, but an artificial floating platform in the middle of the Mur river.GrazAustriaMur river This landmark of Graz was designed by New York artist Vito Acconci on the occasion of Graz becoming the 2003 European Capital of Culture.landmarkNew YorkVito AcconciEuropean Capital of Culture The building in the form of a giant sea shell measures 50m in length and 20m in width.sea shell Two footbridges connect it with both banks of the Mur. The centre of the platform forms an amphitheatre. Below a twisted round dome there is a café and a playground. The Murinsel is built for a maximum number of 350 visitors.footbridgesamphitheatre

18 AUSTRIA Open Space Murau - Hotel - Lounge Cafe - Bar - Gasthof The Open-Space cafe looks like a wide open mouth over the river Mur. It seems like it would hang over the Mur. It's part of a restaurant of the 13. century, ten meters high and standing out twelve meters over the river. A sensational view in a nice athmosphere is guaranteed. Das Loisium The architect Steven Holl from New York created with his Vinedestination Loisium an unusual place for the avangard landarchitectur combined with the theme vine. The Loisium is a symbios of a modern vine-center, a hotel, a mystic vine cellar and vineyards. It's a vine - adventure-center in Austrias famoust whitevine area. A new combination: 900 years old vinecellars very modern enacted. The bulding is a silver cube with an angle of inclination of 5 degrees to the south. So the view between the building, the vinecellar and the vineyards is very impressioner.

19 Modernes Einfamilienhaus in Wien The onefamily-house was built in 2000 in a viennese alloment garden. It could be a prototyp for a modern gardenhouse. In a very populated area, near the Hans Christian Andersen school, there exists a small ground with 250qm. The architect built a small house, scopping out all posibilities to create a lot of room. A teacher of our school lives in this unusual house with her family. AUSTRIA







26 FRANCE The fly house The fly house is the smallest house of Colmar and perhaps the smallest in France. Located at the crossroad between School Place and Market. This house has13 m 2, for this reason, the Colmar residents named it : « The fly box » or « fly house ». Pfister house The most famous house of the city is the Pfister house. Built in 1537, in Renaissance style, for mister Ludwig Scherer who was hatmaker, this house is made of stone and wood.

27 FRANCE The Koifhus The fountain Schwendi, on the former CustomsPlace was built by Bartholdi and is dedicated to Lazare de Schwendi, who was commander of the imperial army against the Solimans in Hungary. According to the legend Schwendi brought back the Tokay, the most famous vine variety in Alsace.

28 FRANCE Little Venice From this small bridge, we can see a wonderful landscape of the « Lauch » river and the houses long the river. Unterlinden Museum This museum is sized on a former convent of the dominicans and its church. It is the most visited museum out of Paris. The most famous piece of the museum is the « retable dIssenheim ».


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