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Status of Standardization Initiatives

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1 Status of Standardization Initiatives
Smart Grids Status of Standardization Initiatives Emmanuel Darmois © ETSI All rights reserved Scoping Meeting, June 14th 2010

2 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
Outline Smart Grids: an ICT view Institutional initiatives EU Smart Grids Task Force CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Joint Working Group NIST Smart Grids Interoperability Panel ITU-T Smart Grids Focus Group Standardization activities Some open questions ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

3 Smart Grids : an ICT view

4 Smart Grids: the need for ICT standards
Whatever the definition: EC Smart Grids Task Force ( The European Commission defines a Smart Grid as an electricity network that can intelligently integrate the actions of all users connected to it, including generators, consumers and those that do both in order to efficiently deliver sustainable, economic and secure electricity supplies. … Smart Grids are an opportunity for the ICT industry Smart Grids are about power but also: billing, e-Commerce, subscription management, OAM functions, data models, connectivity and routing, access technologies, data storage, virtualization, cyber-security, … … and ICT Standardization will be a key enabler Smart Grids are about building complex interoperable ICT systems That can only be achieved with global standards (like those ETSI is building) A smarter grid makes this transformation possible by bringing the philosophies, concepts and technologies that enabled the Internet to the utility and the electric grid”, US Dept. of Energy report on Exploring the imperative of revitalizing America’s electric infrastructure ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

5 ICT meets Power : a layered view
Service Plane Billing e-Commerce Subscription management and activation Business processes Control and Connectivity plane OAM functions Protection and restoration Traffic engineering Connectivity and routing Virtualization Access technologies Time synchronization Energy Plane Sensors Electric storage and interconnection Transmission and Distribution Power Systems, etc. … with some vertical enablers Security Data models Service IP Network Control Energy ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

6 Similar end goals but different paths
EU Background: a fragmented electricity market Deregulation of electricity in some EC states Vision: Start with a smart metering infrastructure then extend to a smart grid network US Background: an aging power grid Vision: Smart meters and AMI are part of the toolbox that allows to build a smart grid infrastructure Remote Meter Management Smart Metering Smart Home Consumption Awareness Demand Response Smart Grids Smart Grids AMI Distribution Grid management Electrical Transpor tation Wide Area Situational Awareness AMI: Advanced Metering Infrastructure Need for a global (architecture) approach and for regional implementation ETSI, as a global and EU based ICT standards organization, is ideally placed ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

7 Government Stimulus Programs
USA The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides $5B for smart grids infrastructure. The DoE offers $3.9B to support Smart Grid technology EU SET Plan defines the following objectives: 35% of electricity from dispersed and concentrated renewable sources by 2020 integrating further national networks into a pan-European network guaranteeing a high quality of electricity supply EU has funded a large number of research projects under FP7 China: 5-year plan for building a wide area monitoring system by 2012 Australia: Plans $100M in 2010 for National Energy Efficiency Initiative for Smart Grid, Smart City. ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

8 Institutional Initiatives

9 Smart Grids and the EU Perspective
Smart Grids Directive 2009/72/EC of 13 July 2009 "Member States should encourage the modernisation of distribution networks, such as through the introduction of smart grids, which should be built in a way that encourages decentralised generation and energy efficiency." The EU Smart Grids Task Force A Steering Committee and 3 Expert Groups EG 1. Functionalities of Smart Grids and Smart Meters. State of the art standards field trials,, products on the market Functionalities services, SG components, functions, strategy for standards EG 2. Regulatory recommendations for data safety, data handling & data protection. Who owns the data? Who has access to the data? Need for one (standardized) data model. Cyber Security EG 3. Roles and responsibilities of actors involved in the deployment of Smart Grids. Includes a section on Role of standards First results due Mid-2010: recommendations Next stes: Second document expected Jan. 2011; towards an EC Mandate ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

10 EU Smart Grids Task Force
Participation to Steering Committee & Expert Groups (EG) EG1: Functionalities of Smart Grids and Smart Meters. EG2: Regulatory recommendations for data safety, handling & protection EG3: Roles & responsibilities of actors involved in the deployment of SGs Expected outcome: draft recommendations on June 22nd 2010 TF will continue and issue a new document on January 2011 Some documents available on the ETSI dropbox and some on: Participation of ETSI Steering Committee: Walter Weigel, Emmanuel Darmois EG1: Omar Elloumi (Alcatel-Lucent) EG2: Francois Ennesser (Gemalto) EG3: Samia Benrach-Massam (Bouygues Telecom) Progress All EGs have delivered their Final Report to be merged before June 22nd Good ETSI participation and a lot of our comments taken into account ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

11 EU M/441 Smart Metering Mandate
European Commission Mandate Issued in March 2009 by DG TREN Sent to the 3 ESO's : CEN, CENELEC and ETSI Main objective To build standards for European smart meters, allowing interoperability and Consumer actual consumption awareness Time schedule : March months state of the art of existing standards, gap analysis, and first Work Program March months Develop new smart metering standards ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

12 M/441: Co-ordination Structure (level 2)
Accepted mandate and responsible for standards CEN TC294 CLC TC13 CLC TC205 ETSI M2M Smart Metering Standard-making SM-CG acts as advisory group to the ESOs Helps coordinate standardisation activities Management / Organisation Standard making Working Groups Participating TCs M2M - The term is used to refer to machine-to-machine communication, i.e., automated data exchange between machines. “Machine” may also refer to virtual machines such as software applications. Viewed from the perspective of its functions and potential uses, M2M is causing an entire “internet of things”, or internet of intelligent objects, to emerge. ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010 12 12

13 M/441: Involvement of ETSI
Standard making Working Groups Participating TCs CLC TC205 CEN TC294 CLC TC13 ETSI M2M Home Automation Non Electricity Meters Electricity Meters M2M ERM TISPAN WG5 PLT SCP 3GPP ATTM ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010 13 13

14 SM-CG Technical Report - Schedule
Schedule (Current Baseline for contributions: v0.1.4) v0.1.4, new baseline for contributions from SMCG WGR members Review during Web based conference deadline for contributions for v0.2.0 v0.2.0, first draft, distribution to SMCG v0.2.0, first draft for information on SMCG Plenary meeting Incorporation of further comments v0.3.0, second draft for endorsement during SMCG WGR meeting Distribution to SMCG and ESO Boards (one month comments phase) One month for discussion and incorporation of comments v0.4.0, third draft for endorsement during SMCG Plenary meeting 3 months consultation period to vote (involved parties: ESO Boards, NSOs, TCs) Publication today ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010 14 14

15 CEN/CENELEC/ETSI Smart Grids Joint WG
A common initiative launched on March 8th Major stakeholders represented; ETSI presentation Agreement to form a coordination group Discussion of Terms of Reference A coordination structure; no standards making; recommendations Suggestion to name this group "Focus Group" First Meeting of Joint WG Ralph Sporer elected as Chairman (to be confirmed by JWG) Presentation of ToR of the "Focus Group" Full endorsement after reception of ETSI Board comments (this week) First activity: a set of recommendations; target: end of 2010 Content to be decided early June (ETSI part of the drafting team) Actual participation of ETSI experts to be confirmed ETSI Presentation Main points addressed: presentation of M2M; June 14th workshop ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

16 ITU-T Smart Grids Focus Group
ITU-T has recently created a Focus Group on Smart Grid Terms of Reference ( ) The Focus Group (FG) aims to identify potential impacts on standards development; investigate future ITU-T study items and related actions; familiarize ITU-T and standardization communities with emerging attributes of smart grid; encourage collaboration between ITU-T and smart grid communities. The FG will collaborate with worldwide SG communities (research institutes, forums, academia, …) including other SDOs and consortia. Leadership team Chairman: Les Brown (Lantiq, Germany); VC: (Ms) Li Haihua (China Academy of Telecom Research, MIIT), Hyoungsoo Kim (KT, Korea), Yoshito Sakurai (Hitachi, Japan). First meeting is scheduled on June 2010 in Geneva.  Some ETSI members (incl. 1 Board member) will attend ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

17 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
NIST and Smart Grids NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) Provides the Coordination of Interoperability Standards in the USA Adopted a three phase plan for Smart Grid Interoperability Published NIST Framework and Roadmap, Release 1.0 NIST has created a Smart Grid and Interoperability Panel (SGIP) Not a Standards Developing Organization Project Management of the production of the appropriate standards 1600 Individual Members, 600 Organizations Public Plenary Meetings and Current status of ETSI relation with NIST SGIP ETSI has presented its activities to May 28th SGIP Plenary Meeting Suggestion to join made by NIST SGIP ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

18 US – Smart Grid Standards
ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

19 NIST Priority Action Plans
17 PAPs have been defined, 16 still open PAP 0 (Meter Upgradeability Standard) has been closed The priority action plans define the problem, establish the objectives, and identify the likely standards bodies and users associations pertinent to the standards modifications, enhancements, and harmonization required. In addition, a few committees and work groups are established: Smart Grid Architecture Committee Smart Grid Testing & Certification Committee Cyber Security Coordination Task Group ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

20 Standardization Eco-system

21 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
Smart Grids Ecosystem A very complex eco-system Even more than depicted below Close relationship of Standardization and Regulation ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

22 The role of IEC Standards
ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

23 Important IEC standards for the Smart Grid
IEC 61970/61968: Common Information Model IEC 61850: Substation Automation Systems and DER IEC 62351: Security for the Smart Grid IEC 62357: Seamless Integration Reference Architecture IEC 60870: Transport Protocols IEC : Communications and monitoring for wind power plants IEC 61334: DLMS IEC 62056: COSEM IEC 62325: Market Communications using CIM ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

24 Some ICT actors in SG Standardization
ANSI C12 suite Open and mature set of standards pertaining to smart metering for the US market. DLMS (Device Language Message Specification) The suite of standards developed and maintained by the DLMS User Association and has been co-opted by the IEC TC13 WG14 into the IEC series of standards. COSEM or Companion Specification for Energy Metering, includes a set of specifications that defines the Transport and Application Layers of the DLMS protocol. ETSI M2M Develops an horizontal architecture for M2M applications including Smart Metering. IEEE P2030 A project developing a Draft Guide for Smart Grid Interoperability of Energy Technology and Information Technology Operation with the Electric Power System (EPS), and End-Use Applications and Loads. IETF Created a set of activities pertaining to sensor technologies at large: 6Lowpan, roll. The objective is to bring IP all the way to low CPU, battery operated sensor devices. The IETF work is moving up the layers to introduce an HTTP equivalent for sensor devices (CoAP protocol). Recently the IETF created the smart grid directorate which is believed to be working on a large BoF session on smart power and the role of IP for Smart Grid systems. ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

25 As an introduction …

26 The ETSI Approach to Smart Grids
Building on the large ICT expertise of ETSI members Smart Grids Standards Gap Analysis From M2M to Smart Metering to Smart Grids Bringing Smart Grids requirements to other standards fields Wireless Networks, Security, … Collaboration with all stakeholders in the SG ecosystem Users Regulators, in particular within EU European Standardization System (CEN, CENELEC, ETSI) Research Roadmap for ETSI work in Smart Grids First step: Scoping Workshop, June 14th ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

27 Some Open Issues & Questions
Links with other SG initiatives Experts contributing to CEN/CENELEC/ETSI JWG needed Should ETSI be a member of NIST SGIP ? Several SDO/For a are : IEC, HomePlug, OASIS, … Benefits and condition of participation to be evaluated More links with initiatives in Asia-Pacific to be created Presentation of ETSI to EU-China Conference on SG (April 28th, Beijing) Information and awareness Participation to external events: creating the Thought Leadership Have you seen: ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

28 Background material

29 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
US – Economic Stimulus American Recovery and Reinvestment Plan – 2009 $787 Billion stimulus The bill provides $4.5 billion to modernize the nation's electricity grid with smart grid technology. The bill increases federal matching grants for the “Smart Grid” Investment Program from 20% to 50%. $10M for NIST to coordinate smart grid standards Department of Energy (DOE) lead agency for U.S. Government - $3.4 billion of Stimulus-funded Smart Grid Investment Grants The bill provides $2.5 billion for renewable energy and energy efficiency R&D, demonstration and deployment activities. The bill provides a three-year extension of the Production Tax Credit (PTC) for electricity derived from wind facilities through December 31, 2012, as well as or geothermal, biomass, hydropower, landfill gas, waste-to-energy and marine facilities through December ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

30 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
NIST SGIP Membership ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

31 NIST SGIP Organization
ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

32 ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010
ITU-T Focus Group Rationale According to the agreement of the October 2009 high level industry representatives meeting (WTSA Resolution 68), ITU-T study groups were invited to accelerate their work to support smart grid. The term “smart grid” is used for a concept of “intelligent” electricity networks aiming to save energy and to reduce CO2 emissions. Further, in WTSA-08 Resolution 73 (Information and communication technologies and climate change) ITU-T called for the development of appropriate Recommendations within its mandate and competency in order to support the reduction of CO2 emissions and the impacts of climate change. A smart grid concept will need harmonized support from telecommunication/ICT and electric power technologies and may result in the need for flexible network and service capabilities to accommodate demands. Smart grid principles may also be applied to the telecommunication/ICT system itself, consisting of networks and service platforms, in the course of providing services with more efficient use of energy not only for the core network and access domains but also for home networks. The Focus Group will interact with the various research activities in order to familiarize ITU-T and standardization communities with the emerging attributes of smart grid. ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010

33 Smart Grids Champions Team
David Boswarthick Emmanuel Darmois Keith Dickerson Bernard Dugerdil Victor Dominguez Margot Dor Simon Hicks Joachim Koss Philippe Lucas Jonas Sundborg History of Meetings #1 18/02 ToR. Preparation of Kitchenette #2 26/02 Review of on-going activities. Kitchenette. #3 2/03 Ultimate tuning before Kitchenette #4 26/04 Future activities: comm., EU TF, internal work, … #5 02/06 External activities; June 14th Workshop ETSI/Smart Grids Scoping Meeting – June 14, 2010


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