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IST project ePerSpace N°5067751 ePerSpace Contract N°: 506775 Date : 22/10/2004 ETSI Human Factors and the Digital Home.

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1 IST project ePerSpace N°5067751 ePerSpace Contract N°: 506775 Date : 22/10/2004 ETSI Human Factors and the Digital Home

2 IST project ePerSpace N°5067752 ePerSpace idea Starting from analysis of European user needs Middleware cooperation Personalised services Provide home integrated value-added services on whatever device and whatever you are ePerSpace

3 IST project ePerSpace N°5067753 ePerSpace objectives Develop innovative interoperable value- added networked services: Personalisation data exchange Services Context adaptation Management of service platforms

4 IST project ePerSpace N°5067754 Work areas ePerSpace objectives are realised through 4 main work areas: Home Platform (H) Global Network Integration & Interoperability /Global Network Integration with UMTS (I) Home and Personal Devices (D) Rich Media Object Management(0)

5 IST project ePerSpace N°5067755 WP1: Business Models and Service scenarios Five extensive scenarios and services associated illustrating the ePerSpace ideas A day in the Van Epers Family Home-office continuity In the car Home-abroad continuity At Home Home automation The unhealthy norwegian Home-Hospital continuity Children in the weekend Home-acquaintance continuity

6 IST project ePerSpace N°5067756 WP1: Business Models and Service scenarios 20 services have been defined: Doorkeeper Content Management Traffic Info gathering/Traffic management In-Car Presence information Wireless key provision/Identity check Accessing private media outside the home Remote control of home appliances/Home devices usage Payment via Bluetooth Home personalization/eroom ePerSpace enabled content on demand Video conference/VPN Service and device auto discovery/Service continuity at home Medical journal administration

7 IST project ePerSpace N°5067757 WP2 : Functional architecture WP6 WP5 WP7 WP4 WP8 WP5,6

8 IST project ePerSpace N°5067758 Service management OSA and OSGI Platforms with Personalisation: - Profiles - Location - Context Internet xDSL GSM, UMTS Service Provisioning Residential gateway Car gateway Service continuity Content Provider Platforms (Gluon, Ipaf).xml structured content Middleware: Device communities P2P services recognition and configuration. Service discovery Personalisation Home network Technologies: Wired and wireless PHY layers. Domotics, A/V services, infotainment, Security, seamless and secure access ePerSpace reference infrastructure I D H O

9 IST project ePerSpace N°5067759 WP3 : Trials at T0+12 Home platform (H): INFRASTRUCTURE of the Home: STB-RG as main gateways Wired and wireless Technologies Diversity of Protocols Integration Home and personal devices (D): Service discovery in the Home Service Continuity in the Home Device communities GIN+GIN UMTS (I) : AAA for several services Smartcard/BIO/SIM Personalisation Framework within (RG, Management, etc) Content management depending on user profile for UMTS Life info. on terminals Rich Media Object (O): Personalised Multimedia Content Distribution Content Adaptation for several devices Intelligent Navigation from Content analysis

10 IST project ePerSpace N°50677510 Services T0+12 Doorkeeper (notification, call control,etc) ->GIN Device/service discovery ->HPD Access content from elsewhere - >HPD Remote control of devices->HPD Content hand-over between devices – >HPD Multimedia Data routing by the RG on the HAN QoS

11 IST project ePerSpace N°50677511 WP4-8 Technos overseen Content adaptation: MPEG7, XML Personalisation: OSA, 3GPP, W3C, OMA Service management: OSGI, MHP,Jini, UPnP, Web services Device management: UPnP See delivrables 4.1, 5.1, 6.1

12 IST project ePerSpace N°50677512 ePerSpace Consortium NoParticipant nameNo.Participant name 1France Telecom12Mycom 2Telenor Communication II AS13RAI – Radiotelevisione Italiana 3Motorola Semiconducteur SAS14Fundazione Ugo Bordoni 4British Telecommunications15SercoNet 5Telefonica Investigacion y Desarrollo 16InAccess Networks 6Siemens Mobile Communications 17OpenSugar 7University of Westminster18Tell-IT Solutions 9Norsk Rikskringkasting19Motorola Electronics S.p.A 10University of Bristol20University of Roma 11Eurescom21Siemens corporate technology

13 IST project ePerSpace N°50677513 Coordinator contact details Mr. Pierre-Yves DANET Head of R&D unit home services France Télécom R&D/SVA/CAP 2, avenue Pierre Marzin 22307 Lannion Cédex- France Tel: +33 2 96 05 11 55 Fax: +33 2 96 05 12 03 Email :

14 IST project ePerSpace N°50677514

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