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Services for NGN 34TD081 Paul Sijben

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1 Services for NGN 34TD081 Paul Sijben

2 2 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, NGN Services Goal: commercial interoperable telecom services Observation –Flashy websites make no money –Incumbents are hesitant to become mere bit transporters Which services can be provided to make profit? What is needed to do so?

3 3 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Which services? Transport Services Connectivity Services Application Services Services provide higher margin but high risk of failure. Transport provide lower margin but more reliable volume Volume Small Large Risk & Margin Low High

4 4 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Transport services Transport flows for media and signalling QoS aware –it can be delivered when needed –QoS parameters requested by application Services that require QoS do so end-to-end –Public transport services support QoS –Home/enterprise network support QoS Access control Usage reporting facility Location reporting facility Mostly standardized –Free for all in the home & enterprise

5 5 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Connectivity Services Plain multimedia sessions between users at terminals –Telephony call is a simple type of a multimedia session Media may encompass –Narrowband audio –Broadband audio –Messaging –Shared applications Fairly Standardized

6 6 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Application Services User mobility Conferencing Instant messaging E-commerce Video on Demand Location aware services Not effectively standardized –Unique services to attract users –Created for potentially small groups

7 7 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Services Scenario John is an end-user Johns company provides John with communication services under identities, and +31 1234567890 John has a contract with TurtleTelecom for his personal communication under identity +31 9876543210

8 8 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Johns telecom dashboard Hi John, please enter your password for access to your services **********

9 9 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Johns telecom dashboard Calls Personal: 3 new voicemail, 1 new video message Business: 10 new voicemail, 3 video messages Messaging Personal: 4 unread emails, 2 short messages Business: 22 unread emails, 1 short message Presence Personal: 3 friends on-line Business: 0 team members on-line Wallet Web Media

10 10 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Scenario John checks his messages. There is a message from Jane in Engineering about the project they are working on John places a phone (audio) call to Jane expecting it will be a short call The situation is more complicated and they add a video link to the call so they can communicate better Jane feels the need to draw something for John and to conference in Fred and Alice

11 11 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, This is NOW Multi-service Terminal ONE network connection Terminal integrates view on multiple accounts Service provider creates new services Terminal is service agnostic Terminal can be built TODAY Public network is not up to it –Customer premises network usually neither but has bandwidth in abundance

12 12 (C) 2003 Paul Sijben, Conclusion Flashy services are built out of dull components TISPAN should create benchmark flashy service descriptions –No need to implement all of them! –Will show us which base components are needed –Describe service aspects end-to-end Enable service construction –Cheaply build new services from base deployment –Standards required for use and interconnection of all supported services. Vertical: Transport & Connectivity Horizontal: Transport, Connectivity, Application –Service capabilities provide the right granularity Note:Not all capabilities may need to be provided to all parties at the same price Do not stifle innovation, do not standardize too much!

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