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Akogrimo & standards Julian Gallop CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ETSI Grid Workshop May 2006.

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1 Akogrimo & standards Julian Gallop CCLRC Rutherford Appleton Laboratory ETSI Grid Workshop May 2006

2 2 About CCLRC Provider of large scientific experimental facilities in the UK e.g. neutron source, space science, hosting new synchrotron (Diamond), ….. UK strategy and focus for international scientific collaboration 2 main sites: Rutherford Appleton Laboratory Daresbury Laboratory

3 3 …… and in ICT UK and Ireland W3C Office UK partner in ERCIM ( Keith Jeffery, director of IT, CCLRC is ERCIM president since January 2005 ) Examples of recent initiatives: Data Curation; e-Publication. UK e-science: partner in National Grid Service and National Grid Support, HPCX large computing node, data node EU Grids: EGEE, … also FP5: GRASP FP6: [ Trustcom, ELEGI, ] CoreGrid, Akogrimo, Xtreemos

4 4 Akogrimo – Grids + Network operators Grid services: To be pervasive Anyone, anywhere, any time fixed or mobile personalised knowledge and semantics To allow for: Ad hoc, dynamic and cross- organisational federations and workflows To solve complex scenarios in everyday life For network and service operators: To extend their scope by developing new, business services and value added chains. Martin Hafners talk presented the business modelling framework This talk is mainly about standards

5 5 Akogrimo partners Network operators: Telefonica (lead), Telenor, IT-Aveiro s/w industry: ATOS, Datamat Tool Provider: BOC Grid Infrastructure providers: University of Stuttgart, CCLRC R&D: Universities of Hohenheim, Zurich and Madrid; CRMPA and ICCS/NTUA Plus 2 new partners for 3 rd testbed

6 6 Akogrimo Standardisation Environment The Akogrimo standardisation environment (among others) European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI) Strategy for Grids standardisation Global Grid Forum (GGF) OGSA, Grid Resource Allocation Agreement Protocol (GRAAP), Grid Economic Services Architecture Group, Telecommunication Community Group (TELCO-CG) Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) A4C, Policy, Session Initiation World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) XML, WS, OWL Resources Technical work in support of standardisation Dissemination of potential areas of standardisation Coordination of standardisation activities Representation on EU Grid collaboration group (GCSG)

7 7 Standards in Akogrimo An incomplete list of standards used, by organisation GGF : OGSA, WS-Agreement, OASIS : BPEL, SAML, UDDI, WS-N, WSRF WS-* industry : WS-Agreement, WS-Policy, WS- Security W3C : OWL, SOAP, WSDL OMA : MLP, WAP-UAPROF IETF : AAA, DIAMETER, COPS, EAP, MIPv6, PANA, PIDF & RPID, RSVP, RTP, SDP, SIP

8 8 Standardisation Efforts Planned Topics Integration of network services into a Grid framework GGF+EGA Mobile Grid use case GGF+EGA Extending presence to include context IETF Interpretation and mapping of context in a Grid environment tbd Accounting parameters to support a mobile Grid IETF OGSA resource usage recording in a mobile context GGF+EGA SLAs for mobile Grid services GGF+EGA Role of ETSI vis a vis GGF+EGA or IETF? Further involvement: Telecommunications CG (Community Group) (GGF) Within the Project: Resources for standardisation not large Prior experience of standardisation not large

9 9 EU GSCG Grid Standards Coordination Group Philipp Wieder (NextGrid) and Julian Gallop (Akogrimo) are co-chairs Task is to increase the effectiveness of standardization efforts of EU FP6 Grids Projects (benefitting from FP5 experience) Started with 12 EU Projects in FP6; further FP6 projects starting imminently White paper: Identifies common interests – e.g. several Projects may be able to contribute to a particular standard Akogrimo slightly different emphasis because of interest in integration of all network layers

10 10 EU GSCG - examples WS-Agreement or WSLA NextGrid, OntoGrid, UniGrids, and possibly HPC4U Workflow for GridsNextGrid, UniGrids

11 11 Some issues Respective roles of GGF+EGA, IETF, W3C, ETSI in Grids Standards For those involved with GGF+EGA or W3C, how does ETSI change the picture Essential not to increase number of competing standards, but to make better decisions For any new Grid specification, need to understand who should manage the process and who should add further value Cooperation with EU GSCG ( Grids Standards Collaboration Group ) Clear Akogrimo interest in cross layer issues

12 12 Thank you

13 13 Backup slides

14 14 EU Grids collaboration Standardisation is one of the EU Grids collaboration activities With NextGrid, started EU Grid Standards Co-ordination Group (GCSG) and the other FP6 Grids Unit Projects (12 in the 1 st wave) Identifying common areas of interest to increase effectiveness in future Delivered collaborative report (NextGrid deliverable) Some common topics noted later

15 15 Key standards topics for influence Identify areas to focus Akogrimo influence Build out of experience in 1 st cycle. Need to make use of: Visible Akogrimo added value Experience in consortium You may observe a correspondence from the emerging Akogrimo inventions list (Exploitation presentation) Main topics Integration of network services into a Grid environment Mobile Grid use case Presence and context Accounting Service Level Agreement We discuss these topics one per slide Depending on work in 2 nd cycle, we do not exclude the possibility of further topics e.g. security and/or identity

16 16 Network services in a Grid framework Purpose: In a Grid environment, need to be able to invoke, monitor, manage network services e.g. SIP call in architecture Network services being considered: Nothing to do: MIP, RSVP In Daidolos: FMIP Potential: COPS, SIP, SDP

17 17 Mobile Grid use case Purpose: In GGF, use cases are influential A Mobile Grid Use case can describe selected key points from Akogrimo scenarios GGF+EGA (which will merge Summer 2006) appropriate forum. OGSA not in a use case phase at present. Investigation of other GGF+EGA groups. Telecomms Community Group in GGF – NTUA spoke at GGF16.

18 18 Presence and context (1) RPID Extend presence to more general description of context (2) Context interpretation Context needs to be appropriate for Grid applications RPID = Rich Presence Extensions to PIDF

19 19 Accounting parameters to support Grids Purpose: Standard methods for AAA crucial in Grid environment – diverse and changing providers. Need well-defined set of accounting parameters. Notes At this level, IETF Diameter extensions Need translation to OGSA accounting

20 20 SLA Purpose: Mobile Grids introduce service level problems not experienced by fixed Grids WS-Agreement or WS-AgreementNegotiation (which is at an early stage) Common interest with TrustCOM

21 21 Partner experience with standards organisations GGF+EGA: CCLRC, NTUA, ATOS, USTUTT W3C: CCLRC IETF: IT-Aveiro, Telenor, UniZH, USTUTT ETSI: TID IRTF: IT-Aveiro

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