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Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Pascal LOCHELONGUE Project Coordinator.

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1 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Pascal LOCHELONGUE Project Coordinator

2 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Submitted under EC 6th Framework Program (FP6) In "Aeronautics and Space" thematic priority Addresses the development of end to end satellite telecommunication systems for telemedicine applications Three years project, started on 1 May 2005 Alcatel Alenia Space coordinates a consortium of 19 partners including : Key Elements Industrials Satcom operators TMD services operators Research centres Engineering companies User associations Health Academics

3 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Four steps approach Specify & design a modular, standard based and interoperable platform Integrate and validate solutions that will fulfil end-users requirements Collection and understanding of end-users needs Solutions design/integration and industrial validation Validation of network and telecommunication solutions (star, mesh DVB- RCS, QoS and security mechanisms, performances optimisation...) Preparing and validating deployment procedures Achieve large scale pilot deployment (40 sites) and validation over networks managed by medical leaders Analyse how to turn the proposed solutions/services into sustainable ones

4 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Technology focus : DVB-RCS DVB-RCS HUB Management tools Security Applications & services DVB-RCS Remote SIT End user WS Typical DVB-RCS network architecture Typical remote SIT

5 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 DVB-RCS Technology advantages DVB-RCS is a mature and fully operational technology : on the forward link, it capitalizes on the success of DVB-S norm for TV broadcast and on the return link, it offers powerful solutions (up to 2 Mbps return) for access and transmission over satellite from anywhere. DVB-RCS is an open standards technology which secures customer investments in infrastructure by ensuring interoperability with heterogeneous network environment : terrestrial, mobile, wireless, satellite 1W DVB-RCS supports current and upcoming IP services and provides the network functionality to support new generation of interactive and multimedia applications (high quality video based applications). The ground network independency of the DVB-RCS satellite solution enables customers currently suffering of the lack of terrestrial broadband networks, to access services at competitive prices.

6 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Telemedicine Service and Medical domains Focus Focus on three medical domains Chronic respiratory diseases Cardiology / Heart problems Oncology Concerning four preferred services Services at home: monitoring and remote assistance to patient located in isolated areas (islands, campaigns, mountains) Medical training : medical knowledge preservation & dissemination towards medical staff, nurses, auxiliary nursing staff Second opinion : tele-radiology and interactive video-communication between specialists Teleconsultation : interactive video-communication between general practitioner/patient and doctor

7 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Where DVB-RCS matches with telemedicine constraints Applications areasApplications characteristicsDVB-RCS characteristics Large coverage Ease of install. Multicast (BW opt) 2W Design HR Fwd HR Rtn BW tuning QoS Mechan. Medical TrainingPoint to multipoint withXXX (Fwd) High quality transmission from teacher side (H264) XX Application interactivityXXXX Asymmetric trafficX Videostreaming (MPEG4)XX Push of contentsXX Teleconsultation / Second opinion Local hospitals with low expertiseXX Application interactivity (videoconferencing, teleradiology) XXXX Symmetric trafficXX Robust audioX High video quality of medical imagingXXX Services at homeIsolated areas (retirement pension, villages)XX Application interactivity (video-assistance)XXXX Videostreaming (education)X Vital signs transmissionsXX Robust audioX

8 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Project End users dimension Healthwares success depends on the users involvement and their acceptance of the proposed solutions/services Large scale deployment Appointment of Medical Leaders who will manage their own medical network Rely on a real-environment of use and evaluation Set up of a precise and continuous user-feedback, in order to sustain and adapt each implementation, Benefit from a fruitful return on experience from all concerned actors and beneficiaries of telemedicine (Medical user communities, Patients, Citizens) which contribute at building the projects orientations and improving the proposed solutions.

9 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Overview of telemedicine services deployment Jagiellonian University Krakow United Bristol Health NHS Trust Remifor Telbios Masaryk University Brne University Hospital Toulouse University of Cyprus Cardioexpress / Total Care Networks Forth

10 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 PLC Adapter WiFi AP Mobile Telemedicine WS ECG / Patient monitor DVB- RCS Station Current electrical installation Zoom on telemedicine services deployment University Hospital Toulouse (France) Teleconsultation between nurses and general practitioner concerning elderly residents in a nursing- home in mountain area. To limit movements of elderly people in the building To give access to telemedicine services in any place, at any time ECG transmission

11 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Remifor (France) – Civil Protection Easily deployable unit Medical support to operational staff involved in Collective urgency. Communication with authorities Video transmission from the field Zoom on telemedicine services deployment WIFI / GSM / GPRS / GPS

12 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 Examples of usage Speech & swallowing disorders dermatology Semi-automatic defibrillator Second opinion

13 Healthware project (FP6)SIP4-CT-2004-516171 For further information, visit our Web site :

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