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Positioning The Information Profession and SLA For Success In An Evolving World of Technology Nancy Sansalone COO/CFO Special Libraries Association Pharmaceutical.

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1 Positioning The Information Profession and SLA For Success In An Evolving World of Technology Nancy Sansalone COO/CFO Special Libraries Association Pharmaceutical And Health Technology Spring Meeting April 6 - 8, 2008 St. Petersburg, FL


3 Things alter for the worse spontaneously, if they be not altered for the better designedly. Sir Francis Bacon Planning For Change

4 Internet Facts of Interest In 2007 an estimated 20% of the Worlds Population use the Internet Internet Use in North American exceeded 70% in 2007 In 1994 there were 10,000 Web Sites, today there are more than 100 million Source:

5 Principles of Alignment Companies that enjoy enduring success have core values and a core purpose that remain fixed while their business strategies and practices endlessly adapt to a changing world. – Collins & Porras

6 Alignment is a discipline for thinking, communicating and behaving as one enterprise connected by a unified mission Alignment from the inside-out: mission, vision, values Alignment is Organizational: Identity, Personality, Positioning Identity + Personality = Positioning Alignment

7 Membership Membership growth is a priority Technology Sweeping technological changes are challenging the role and perceived value of information professionals Opportunity SLA has an opportunity to position itself as the premier association for a broad range of information professionals Landscape

8 ExamineExploreDevelopAlignIdentify Key Objectives

9 Core Values Descriptors Strategic ROI Messages Detail Depth Thoroughness Value Benefit Impact Messages that Validate Messages That More Actively Promote Define: Strategic Issues

10 Formal mechanisms are needed to ensure all extensions of SLA are thinking, communicating and behaving as one enterprise Key Findings

11 Define: Knowledge Gaps Feedback is required from the following target audiences for future growth: CEOs and senior executives of global IP employer organizations Younger audiences already in the profession Professionals in adjacent career tracks where information management plays a key role (i.e. medical research, analysts, mergers and acquisitions) Students and faculty in library science programs

12 What We Need To Know Input that will inform a positioning framework for SLA Input that facilitates membership recruitment and retention globally Trend research that can inform the alignment and positioning process Define: Knowledge Gaps

13 SLA membership studies Outsell studies on the Information Profession Social Technologies studies on future trends Analyze Best Data Available From Multiple Sources Segmentation, sample plan, survey design for primary research Draft language effectively positioning the information profession based on relevant research and analysis Primary Research and Positioning Exercises Closing the Gaps

14 Define: Primary Research Interactive Editor Respondents can rate the appeal of key words and phrases Provides a truly interactive concept testing experience Quantifies how compelling your language is before you go to market

15 Conduct two Instant Response Dial Sessions Taped Q&A sessions of key influencers and new messages Aggregate data from Outsell, Social Technologies, and primary research to develop language Translate Message Exploration

16 Translate: Message Testing What is Instant Response? Combines the most important components of quantitative, qualitative and in-depth public opinion research to test message delivery, understanding, believability and impact. A computer-based system, the IR dial displays second- to-second measurement of participant reaction to any verbal communication.

17 Translate: Message Testing Instant Response Sessions Data from the Instant Response dial sessions are displayed as computer generated, continuous lines superimposed on the screen. The video will illustrate the messages that work – and those that do not.

18 Research, Analysis and Positioning Unites and Cultivates Stands The Test of Time Common Vision, Identity and Core Purpose Creates a Framework Translate Platform and Positioning

19 Celebrating The Past Anticipating The Future SLA Centennial

20 SLA Centennial: Key Milestone Opportunity to establish a shared vision of the future for information professionals and SLA Opportunity to establish clarity and unity around SLAs and the professions core purpose, ethos and value, including defining an institutional positioning that is relevant, differentiated and deliverable The SLA Centennial in 2009 provides unique opportunities:

21 Created Centennial Commission Special Activities during 2009 –SLA Annual Conference & INFO-EXPO in Washington DC –Traveling Exhibit –Contest –Oral History Project –History of SLA by Guy St. Clair Centennial Activities

22 Enhancing career development opportunities through SLAs Click University –Increased Course Offerings –Added Management and Leadership Library from ebrary® –New Certification Programs Development of Online Innovation Laboratory –Ability to Learn and Use the Latest Emerging Technologies –Populated with SLA- licensed Software and Open-source applications –Offer Library of Members Innovations and Creations Career Development and Technology

23 High Priority of Association Leadership Strong SLA Outreach Globally Significant commitment to partnerships and creation of new chapters SLA Global Expansion

24 Questions

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