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Chapter 7 A More Perfect Union( )

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1 Chapter 7 A More Perfect Union(1777-1790)
Section 3 A New Plan of Government

2 Roots of the Constitution
Constitution written in 4 months Unique American, but had roots in many other civilizations The Framers of the Constitution were familiar with Parliamentary system of Britain They valued individual rights They respected many of the British traditions (cultural beliefs and practices)

3 English Influences Magna Carta- Placed limits on the monarchs
Parliament controlled the funds for wars and gov. The colonial assemblies worked the same way The assemblies had some control over colonial gov. Framers used ideas from Enlightenment philosophers John Locke and Montesquieu

4 John Locke Believed people should have natural rights:
Life, liberty, and property Government based on agreement between the people & ruler Americans agreed with these natural rights. Protected the peoples’ rights by limiting the government’s power.

5 Baron De Montesquieu Said powers of gov should be separated and balanced against each other. This would keep any person or group from gaining too much power. Powers of government should be clearly defined and limited to prevent abuse. Framers specified and divided the powers of government.

6 The Federal System Federalism- sharing power between federal and state governments. Under the Constitution, the federal government gained powers to: Tax, regulate trade, control currency, raise an army, and declare war. Also can pass any law that is “necessary and proper” Important powers were also left to the states

7 Debate and Adoption 9 of the 13 states had to ratify the Constitution.
Supporters of the Constitution were called Federalists. Madison, Hamilton, and Jay wrote essays called the Federalist Papers People opposes were called Antifederalists Also wrote essays called the Antifederalist Papers Antifederalists argued that strong national government would take away American liberties. Antifederaists favored local government

8 Protecting Rights The biggest criticism about the Constitution was that it lacked a Bill of Rights Many states refused to ratify (agree to it) with out a Bill of Rights Federalists feared disorder without a strong central government Antifederalists worried about oppression that might result from a strong central government

9 Adopting the Constitution
New Hampshire became the 9th state to approve on June 21, 1788 The new government could go into effect, but New York and Virginia had not ratified Virginia ratified after being assured a Bill of Rights would be added The Bill of Rights was added in 1791 The final three states (NY, NC, and RI) approved the Constitution by May 1790

10 Homework: Change of plans: TONIGHT’S HOMEWORK: FRIDAY’S HOMEWORK:
Articles of Confederation & Constitution Packet (DUE MONDAY) FRIDAY’S HOMEWORK: Read Chapter 8, Sect. 1 (pg )

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