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Third Grader’s Flight Plan Third grade is typically a year of great transition academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. The 3 rd grade staff strongly.

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2 Third Grader’s Flight Plan

3 Third grade is typically a year of great transition academically, emotionally, and behaviorally. The 3 rd grade staff strongly believes in maintaining a healthy and productive parent-teacher-child relationship. We are all challenged to excel academically and to show we are super citizens by demonstrating the Randolph 3 R’s: *Respectful *Responsible *Ready to learn

4 We strive to foster an “open door” policy. We welcome any suggestions or assistance to provide your child the best possible education. Your child is most successful when we work together as a team. We will communicate with you on a regular basis to keep you informed of events, projects, etc. Never hesitate to inquire about anything related to your child’s education. We have a mutual mission this year, and we look forward to sharing this time with you and your family.

5 Pledge to Partnership Parents and Teacher What we ask of you: look at your child's work role model the importance of school (on time; all day) be encouraging and positive In turn we will: be good listeners provide an organized, safe and friendly atmosphere make every effort to see that your child has a happy and successful school year

6 Third Grade Curriculum Our curriculum is challenging, but manageable. As teachers, we offer the following comment: “In Grade 3, students read and write more independently than in any previous grade and spend significant blocks of time engaged in reading and writing on their own as well as in assigned tasks and projects.” Chapter books and/or novel studies are introduced. The writing process is emphasized. Students master basic multiplication and division facts. Social studies and science lessons are based on central strands of instruction. The inquiry method is used for science instruction. Classroom laptops and/or ipads may be used for daily instruction.

7 *S tudy hall is used for students who do not complete work. Some students may be required to redo assignments at study hall as well. (Study hall is held during recess.) *Some assignments require corrections at home. A note from the teacher will be sent home. *Grades: Daily Work (count once) Quizzes (count twice) Tests (count three times)

8 You may track your child’s progress via Gradebook. All students will receive a mid-point progress report each six weeks. Students receive report cards after the end of each six weeks. Report card envelopes and progress reports must be signed by the parent and returned to school.

9 (State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness) We expect all of our students to pass both the Math and Reading STAAR tests. Testing windows are: Math April 21 st Reading April 22 nd The TAKS Reading Test will be administered on and the TAKS Math Test will be administered on

10 Discipline Students are expected to be respectful, responsible, and ready to learn. -Teachers look for opportunities to praise and reward correct behavior. -If a student misbehaves, they are given a verbal warning. -The second time, behavior will be documented by the teacher. - After the third infraction, parents are notified. - All serious infractions are dealt with immediately. The child is sent to the office, and the parent is notified.

11 Conduct Grades Citizenship and Work Habit grades are based on following classroom rules. Behavior is noted on the conduct calendar in your child’s planner or take home folder. 0 - 2 = E 3 - 5 = S 6 - 8 = N 9 or more = U.

12 Homework - Homework is given in an effort to promote responsibility and to reinforce previously taught skills as well as organizational skills. -Homework is usually given Monday-Thursday. The work is sent home in a folder. Folders should be returned daily with completed work. -Spelling words are sent home the first day of every school week. -Each student is also responsible for implementing a daily/weekly at- home reading routine. Students are expected to for 20 minutes 4 times per week (Monday-Sunday). Students are expected to master all basic math facts through at-home practicing. These facts include addition and subtraction the 1 st semester and multiplication and division the 2 nd semester. - Adjustment to the normal homework routine is made during periods of special projects. -Finally, if a student chooses not to complete his/her work during class time, the incomplete work may be assigned for homework.

13 We are dedicated to teaching students effective reading strategies and instilling a love of reading. Accelerated Reader is still in the works for this year. Suggestions for reading homework: newspapers, magazines, Internet articles, shared reading, reading to a younger sibling. We encourage students to read chapter books to build stamina and comprehension.

14 * Conferences regarding a child’s education are essential for making the most of the opportunities provided. *Conferences may be initiated by the school or the parent. A parent who wants to schedule a conference with a teacher should contact their child’s teacher by phone or e-mail. *Generally a teacher will be able to meet with parents during his or her conference period. Other mutually convenient times may be arranged as well. *Before the end of the 1 st 6 weeks, every parent will have scheduled a conference with their child’s teacher. Please sign up tonight for the time that is most convenient for you. *Additionally, parents may communicate with teachers by email and/or a phone call.

15 Mrs. SchneiderRoom 17Phone 357-2317 Ms. AniolRoom 18Phone 357-2318 Mrs. BowmanRoom 19Phone 357-2319 Mrs. PetermanRoom 20Phone 357-2320 Mrs. ZippRoom 21Phone 357-2321

16 Thank you for your involvement and support. We wish you and your child an enriching and successful school year! If you would like to further view our Flight Plan, you may do so from your child’s teacher webpage.

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