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Making Better Standards 10-Mar-041 Making Better Standards Steve Randall, STF217 or Youve read the book now see the web site!

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1 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-041 Making Better Standards Steve Randall, STF217 or Youve read the book now see the web site!

2 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-042 …was The Word In the beginning...

3 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-043 How did it start? In 1994 MTS was generally viewed as Academic Output from MTS was becoming more practical with guides rather than strict rules Something was needed to get these guides used and to improve the MTS image PT69V set up to promote new methodologies The Making Better Standards book was the outcome

4 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-044 Why Making BETTER Standards? This is not the best wording. The implication is that our standards arent so hot and need improving! Alternatives could have been: Making Even Better Standards Making Good Standards Making The Best Standards Making High Quality Standards Editorially, Making Better Standards sounded right Now we are stuck with it !

5 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-045 So Why Bother with an Update? The MBS book was a remarkable success Sent to all members Demand means no spares left in ETSI now Even hardened standards writers STILL use it - and are prepared to admit it! BUT.... It is out of date now! Based on MTS Rules rather than Guidelines Reflects a much stricter regulatory regime in Europe No Interoperability Testing No TTCN-3 No Descriptive SDL No UML Nothing substantial on MSC and ASN.1

6 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-046 MBS 2 New and revised guidelines available Different thinking on the role of MTS New and improved specification languages available Changed emphasis on conformance testing Increased emphasis on interoperability testing Testing and regulation not so closely coupled What about publishing on a web site?

7 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-047 Why a Web Site? More Hi-Tech than a book – the right image for ETSI Lower cost Publication Easier to search and navigate Much easier to maintain Available to a much wider audience Distribution on CD if something physical needed Simpler language is possible And anyway, why NOT a web site?!!

8 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-048 So Whats On It? Introduction Market Expectations What Makes a Standard Better Planning Non-behavioural Standards Protocol Standards Using Specification Languages Test Specifications Validating Standards European Regulatory Regime

9 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-049 Introduction Introduction to the MBS site How to use the MBS site Simple guide to navigating MBS Introduction to standardization What to standardize? Why Standardize?

10 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0410 Market Expectations What is The Market in standardization terms? Market factors affecting the success of a standard

11 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0411 What Makes a Standard Better Characteristics of a good standard Accurate and complete technical content Standard is easy to read Clear and unambiguous requirements

12 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0412 Planning Planning Validation and Testing activities Which Validation method to choose How much Validation to include in the plan Estimating the effort involved Building a plan Some example scenarios

13 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0413 Non-behavioural Standards Physical characteristics Tolerances

14 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0414 Protocol Standards Protocol engineering within a standards environment: Layered modelling Other modelling and visualization methods 3 stage design approach

15 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0415 Using Specification Languages SDL Including Descriptive SDL MSC ASN.1 UML TTCN(-3)

16 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0416 Test Specifications Conformance Testing Interoperability Testing Comparison of Interoperability and Conformance Testing Development Cycle Certification

17 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0417 Validating Standards Validation methods Walk-Through (Design Review) Formal validation methods SDL model simulation SDL model exploration Prototyping & Early Implementation Test Development

18 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0418 European Regulatory Regime R & TTE Directive and its implications for Operators and Manufacturers: Harmonized Standards Interface Descriptions Declarations of Conformity Other important Directives

19 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0419 Overall Approach Original MBS book reproduced text from a number of standards and reports MBS 2 gives limited introductory text then links to the necessary standards and guides

20 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0420 Who Has Been Involved? TC-MTS STF217 Jonathan West Michael Andersson Scott Moseley Steve Randall PTCC Milan Zoric Anthony Wiles Emmanuelle Jouan M&D Paul Reid FAS Reynolds Dugenne Maya Ayache TB Support Mike Sharpe

21 Making Better Standards 10-Mar-0421 After All That, Where Is It??

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