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SEM08-09 Organizing the work ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved.

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1 SEM08-09 Organizing the work ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved

2 SEM08-09 Directive 98/34/EC definitions Technical Specification a specification contained in a document which lays down the characteristics required of a product such as levels of quality, performance, safety or dimensions, including the requirements applicable to the product as regards the name under which the product is sold, terminology, symbols, testing and test methods, packaging, marking or labelling and conformity assessment procedures. 2 First of all… some definitions

3 SEM08-09 Directive 98/34/EC definitions 3 First of all… some definitions Standard (1) A technical specification approved by a recognised standardisation body for repeated or continuous application, with which compliance is not compulsory and which is one of the following: international standard: a standard adopted by an international standardisation organisation European standard: a standard adopted by a European standardisation body national standard: a standard adopted by a national standardisation body and made available to the public.

4 SEM08-09 ISO/IEC Guide 2:1996, definition 3.2 4 First of all… some definitions Standard (2) Document, established by consensus and approved by a recognized body, that provides, for common and repeated use, rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results, aimed at the achievement of the optimum degree of order in a given context. Note: Standards should be based on the consolidated results of science, technology and experience, and aimed at the promotion of optimum community benefits.

5 SEM08-09 5 Consensus "General agreement, characterized by the absence of sustained opposition to substantial issues by any important part of the concerned interests and by a process that involves seeking to take into account the views of all parties concerned and to reconcile any conflicting arguments. Note : Consensus need not imply unanimity." First of all… some definitions ISO/IEC Guide 2 definition

6 SEM08-09 6 ETSI definitions ETSI Directives ETSI Statutes ETSI Rules of Procedure (RoP) Guidelines on Annex 2 of RoP (financial contributions) ETSI Guide on Intellectual Property Rights ETSI Guidelines for Antitrust Compliance ETSI Board Working Procedures Powers and Functions of the Board ETSI Financial Regulations Terms of Reference of the Operational Co-ordination Group (OCG) Guidelines about former elected officials & former ETSI staff ETSI Technical Working Procedures (TWP) ETSI Drafting Rules


8 SEM08-09 8 ETSI definitions Technical Organization, Technical Bodies The ETSI Technical Organization comprises three types of Technical Body (TB): ETSI Project (EP) Market sector and timeframe oriented Currently, we have one EP (eHealth). Former EPs have become TCs Technical Committee (TC) Technology oriented ETSI Partnership Project (EPP) Market sector and timeframe oriented In co-operation with external bodies A Technical Body may establish Working Groups (WG), if required

9 SEM08-09 ETSI definitions Industry Specification Group an activity organized around a set of ETSI work items addressing a specific technology area established on the initiative of at least four ETSI members (or applicants) making a request to the Director-General has own programme/project management, and agreed delivery dates responsible for defining, creating and stopping ETSI work items within its scope produces ETSI Group Specifications only reports to the General Assembly and the Board does not deal with activities Mandated by EC/EFTA does not deal with issues such as health, safety, environment, public interest and the basic legal/economic interests of consumer related issues. 9 - TWP Article 3

10 SEM08-09 ETSI definitions Specialist Task Force (STF) A group of experts working together under contract with ETSI Purpose: to give ETSI competitive advantage by accelerating the development of urgently needed ETSI standards in strategic areas Proposed by the ETSI Technical Bodies, the Board or the Special Committees and approved by the Board Works under the technical guidance of the reference Technical Body Experts for the STFs are proposed by ETSI Members, and normally work together as a team in the ETSI premises Funded from the ETSI ordinary budget, from EC/EFTA Order Vouchers, from voluntary contributions of ETSI Members or from other Organizations 10 - TWP Article 1.10

11 SEM08-09 General Assembly Tasks Appointments Rules & Regulations Membership Budget & financial matters Annual Report Final point of approval Appeals 11

12 SEM08-09 ETSI Board Powers and functions (1) Work Programme Application of financial resources including for STFs within agreed financial framework Advice to GA on finance/resource issues Creating/ceasing TCs, EPs and SCs Appointing TC and EP Chairmen Standstill Resolving drafting problems Standardization policy & performance Communication … 12

13 SEM08-09 ETSI Board Powers and functions (2) Resource framework for Tech Organization Overseeing Technical Organization External relations Technical Working Procedures (TWP) Disputes/appeals/complaints on procedural matters in Technical Organization from non-members 13 New Board appointed 11/08 for a 3-year period Currently 25 members including 1 SME & 1 User representative* * RoP Annex 7: Number of Board members between 15 and 30

14 SEM08-09 14 ETSI definitions ETSI deliverable A document […] produced as the result of an ETSI work item ETSI work item A description of a standardization task approved by a Technical Body according to the procedures […] and adopted by the ETSI members - TWP Annex A

15 SEM08-09 15 ETSI's deliverables Normative: European Standard (EN) ETSI Standard (ES) ETSI Technical Specification (TS) Informative: ETSI Guide (EG) ETSI Technical Report (TR) ETSI Special Report (SR)

16 SEM08-09 16 ETSI's deliverables Also: Harmonized Standard (HS) An EN drafted by ETSI under a mandate from the European Commission under Directive 98/48/EC taking into account the applicable essential requirements of the "New Approach" Directive and whose reference has subsequently been announced in the Official Journal of the European Communities ETSI Group Specification (GS) An ETSI deliverable, containing either specifications and/or information elements, produced by an Industry Specification Group Reference: ETSI Technical Working Procedures, Annex A

17 SEM08-09 Choice of deliverable type (1) Specifications and standards TS - ETSI Technical Specification Normative Short time to market May be converted later to ES or EN ES - ETSI Standard Normative Preferable/necessary that whole ETSI membership approves EN - European Standard (telecommunications series) Formal output for standardization at European level Specific to Europe & needs transposition into national standards or subject of an EC/EFTA mandate Reference: ETSI Technical Working Procedures, Annexes A & E 17

18 SEM08-09 Choice of deliverable type (2) Guides and reports TR - ETSI Technical Report Informative Default deliverable EG - ETSI Guide Informative Guidance on handling technical standardization activity in whole or major parts of the Technical Organization ETSI Special Report Informative General ETSI member or public interest Also, deliverable with dynamic content generated by software application on ETSI web site Reference: ETSI Technical Working Procedures, Annexes A & E 18

19 SEM08-09 ETSI DD Lxx xxx-z-w Vm.a.b 19 Prefix Deliverable type (TS, TR, ES, EG, EN, SR) 0 for Special Reports 1 for TS and TR 2 for ES and EG 3 for EN Editorial version Technical version Major version (1,2, …) Sub-part (if any) Part (if any) (1,2, …) Serial number (00 001 – 99 999) For example: ETSI ES 201 873-1 Version 1.0.10 Numbering of deliverables

20 SEM08-09 ETSI GS Lxx xxx-z-w Vm.a.b 20 Prefix Deliverable type (GS) Editorial version Technical version Major version (1,2, …) Sub-part (if any) Part (if any) (1,2, …) Serial number (001 – 999) Numbering of Group Specifications 3-letter ISG name abbreviation For example: ETSI GS QKD 002 Version 1.1.1

21 SEM08-09 Numbering of deliverables Technical Body approval TR:ETSI TR 1XX XXX Vm.a.b TS:ETSI TS 1XX XXX Vm.a.b Member approval EG:ETSI EG 2XX XXX Vm.a.b ES:ETSI ES 2XX XXX Vm.a.b NSO approval EN:ETSI EN 3XX XXX Vm.a.b Other SR:ETSI SR 0XX XXX Vm.a.b GS:ETSI GS LXX XXX Vm.a.b 21

22 SEM08-09 Numbering - Old Regime TC approval TC-TR:TR-TC XXX (e.g. TR-RES 001) TCR-TR:TCR-TR XXX TCC approval ETR:ETR XXX NSO approval I-ETS:I-ETS 300 XXX ETS:ETS 300 XXX TBR:TBR XXX 22

23 SEM08-09 Document filename structure See Examples: 23 File typeDocument numberVersion numberFile name ETSI EGEG 200 351V2.2.2eg_200351v020202p.pdf Electronic attachment(s) EN 300 GTSGSM 02.93V5.4.0 (1997-11) (withdrawn) gsmts_0293sv050400w.pdf

24 SEM08-09 Phase coding A code letter shows the present phase of approval of the draft e.g. eg_200351v020202p.pdf 24 CodeDescription cSent out for Public Enquiry vSent out for Vote oSent out for One step Approval Procedure mSent out for Membership Approval Procedure pPublished wWithdrawn If there are any electronic attachments, a "0" (zero) will be placed just after the phase code e.g. en_301165v010101c0.pdf

25 SEM08-09 25 Standstill, national transposition and withdrawal ETSI starts work on an EN… National Standards Organisations (NSOs) and ETSI Members are required to stop any national standards work that could prejudice that EN ("Standstill") ETSI publishes the EN… NSOs are required to adopt the EN at national level… ("Transposition") …and to withdraw any conflicting national standards ("Withdrawal") A few more definitions

26 SEM08-09 26 The obligation accepted by the NSOs and the members of ETSI not to undertake any national standardization activity which could prejudice the preparation of an EN (telecommunications series) and, for the NSOs, not to publish a new or revised standard which is not completely in line with an existing EN (telecommunications series). Standstill applies to an individual work item leading to an EN (…) and accepted by the General Assembly, with a precise scope and target date. It does not apply to areas or programmes of work as such. Standstill - RoP Article 13.3

27 SEM08-09 27 National transposition The NSOs shall take measures to ensure the visibility of EN (telecommunications series) at national level, either by publication of an identical text, or by endorsement (that is, by publication of an endorsement sheet or by announcement in an official journal) within a short time of their adoption according to Article 13.5. In the case of endorsement, it shall be stated that the EN (…) has been approved together with the number, title and date of the EN (…), and information on where copies of the text may be obtained. A copy of the endorsement sheet or announcement shall be sent to the ETSI Secretariat. ENs (telecommunications series) thus published or endorsed shall have the status of national standards. - RoP Article 13.7

28 SEM08-09 28 National withdrawal When an EN (telecommunications series) has been approved and adopted […] on a specific matter, then on an agreed date set by the General Assembly, the NSOs shall ensure that all conflicting national standards on that specific matter are withdrawn. - RoP Article 13.7

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