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SEM02-15 How is ETSI funded? ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved.

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1 SEM02-15 How is ETSI funded? ETSI Seminar © ETSI 2010. All rights reserved

2 World Class Standards SEM02-15 2 How is ETSI funded? ETSI is: a not-for-profit organization established under French law

3 World Class Standards SEM02-15 3 Where does the money come from? 57 % 10,5 % 20 % 9,5 % 3 % Members contributions Partners contributions Partnership projects, EF3GPP EC/EFTA Infrastructure, activities, special projects Commercial activities Sales, Plugtests, Forapolis… Miscellaneous (2010 figures)

4 World Class Standards SEM02-15 4 Members (Full or Associate) Unit of contribution (UoC) First unit of contribution (BMF)6000 in 2010 Subsequent units of contribution3380 in 2010 Includes ETSI Documentation Service (EDS) Number of units may be: 1 2 3 6 9 13 18 24 30 37 45 depending on members global turnover determines also Voting Weight e.g. Alcatel-Lucent (France) pays 45 units, has voting weight of 45 i.e. [6000 + (44 x 3380)] = 154 720 e.g. Checkpoint Systems (Germany) pays 2 units, has voting weight of 2 i.e. 6000 + 3380 = 9380 e.g. CML Microcircuits (UK) pays 1 unit, has voting weight of 1 i.e. 6000 Any balance at year-end is returned to Members as a credit note Observers(in 2010)4000 Membership contributions

5 World Class Standards SEM02-15 5 Membership contributions - other than Administrations ECRT in 10 6 euroNumber of Units SME, User, Additional membership1 up to 1352 136 to 2003 201 to 4506 451 to 7009 701 to 135013 1351 to 200018 2001 to 350024 3501 to 500030 5001 to 800037 above 800045 ECRT: Global electronics communications-related turnover

6 World Class Standards SEM02-15 6 1 Unit contributors SME and Micro-enterprise members shall, after presenting evidence to the Director-General, contribute 1 unit (SME and Micro-enterprise as defined by the European Commission) User Associations or Trade Associations shall contribute 1 unit Companies with more than one membership from the same corporate group may either: a)Not consider the ECRT relating to transactions between companies of the same group (sometimes known as intra-company trading) when determining the class of contribution, or b)Declare a multiple membership consisting of a group membership, with its ECRT assessed using the entire groups accounts, and one or more Additional membership(s) which shall contribute 1 unit

7 World Class Standards SEM02-15 7 Definition: The worldwide turnover generated by all the members products and services for which ETSI is competent for developing standards. In the event that it is not possible to determine a Members ECRT from publicly available information, the Member will agree with the Director General on the appropriate class of contribution which should apply. Further details - Annex 2 of the ETSI Rules of Procedure Electronics Communications Related Turnover

8 World Class Standards SEM02-15 8 Special cases The first unit of contribution may be reduced for: not-for-profit User Associations Universities and Public Research Bodies Micro-enterprises In practice, this means they pay one unit of contribution, the price of which is determined by the General Assembly For 2010: Non-profit User Associations: 2000 Universities and Public Research Bodies: 2000 Micro-enterprises: 3000

9 World Class Standards SEM02-15 9 GDP in 10 9 euroNumber of Units up to 71 8 to 232 24 to 403 41 to 556 55 to 709 71 to 13513 136 to 20018 201 to 35024 351 to 50030 501 to 80037 above 80045 GDP: Gross Domestic Product Membership contributions - Administrations

10 World Class Standards SEM02-15 10 1 Unit contributors (Administrations) When a country has more than one Administration member, one of those members shall contribute according to the scale set out above and the other Additional membership(s) shall contribute 1 unit

11 World Class Standards SEM02-15 11 Participation in 3GPP Companies wishing to participate in 3GPP by means of their ETSI membership are required to pay a minimum of 3 Units of Contribution Reduced to 2 units for SMEs, Micro-enterprises, Users, Universities and Public Research Bodies Special conditions apply for companies and administrations with multiple memberships

12 World Class Standards SEM02-15 12 Year 2010 budget (-7% cf. 2009) Income k Member/Observer funding13122 EC/EFTA4614 Forapolis & Interopolis1717 Partners contributions1851 EF3GPP610 Sales (standards/algorithms) 260 Plugtests income240 Financial income150 Miscellaneous480 Members voluntary funding100 Total income 23144 Expenditure k Staff costs11806 Experts costs4185 Travel1286 Maintenance (IT & buildings) 1280 Depreciation 742 System development (outsourced) 535 Meetings & hospitality 475 EF3GPP530 EC special projects 283 Provisions450 Other1572 (fees, taxes, post & telecoms, corporate comms etc) Total expenditure23144 Source: Document ETSI/GA54(09)11

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