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Is am are was were be Leading in: revision Will be.

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1 is am are was were be Leading in: revision Will be

2 He is reading a book. I am at home on Sunday. They are students. She was reading a book when her mother came in. The kids are very clever. I will be back soon.

3 Do you know who planted the trees? Someone planted the trees. The trees are planted (by someone).

4 Someone built the building in Guangzhou. The building was built in Guangzhou. It was built many years ago.

5 Where was the picture taken? It was taken in the classroom of C1 J2. It was taken last term. It was taken by Miss Lin

6 The trees were planted. Trees are planted in spring. The building was built in Guangzhou. Buildings are built by builders The picture was taken in C1 J 2. Be + PP( ) (passive voice)

7 Lesson 9 New National Flag Is Chosen

8 The Peoples Republic of China (the P.R.C)

9 national flag The Chinese national flag the red flag with five yellow stars Near the top left corner

10 Who was the flag drawn by? When was it drawn ? How was it chosen( )? It was drawn by Zeng Liansong. It was drawn in 1949. Lets find out the answer in the text.

11 New words choosechose--chosen hold---held---held sendsent---sent,, receive--recieved inviteinvited--invited

12 First reading: answer the following questions: 1. Do many people know the Chinese national flag? What about its story? 2. Why was a competition held in 1949? 3. What were people invited to send to the newspaper? Yes, it is known all over the world. No, it is not very well known. A competition was held to find a new flag for China. They were invited to send their ideas.

13 4. How many ideas were received? 5. Who looked at these ideas? How do you know? 6. How many were chosen at last? More than 3, 000 ideas were received. A group of important people. Only 38 were chosen.

14 7. Draw two pictures of Zeng Liansongs first and second idea for the flag. 8. How was the second different from his first one? 9. Was it the best in the competition? Which place was it in? 10. Now do you now how the flag was chosen?

15 Second reading: find out the passive voice Then discuss in group, trying putting them into Chinese and report to the others.

16 Last reading: answer the questions in the book 1. Do many people know the story of the Chinese flag? No, not many people know the story Who invited people to send their ideas for a new flag? 3. Who chose the best thirty-eight flag ideas? The newspaper did. A group of import people

17 4. Why did Zeng Liansong change his first flag? Because his friend didnt like it. 5. How was his second flag different from his first flag The four small stars were in a different place. They were not under the large star, they were on one side of it.

18 Homework: 1. Read the text at least 5 times 2. 5 C Lesson 9 Exx1, 2

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