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Eduardo Cazap, President Global projects under the auspices of UICC.

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1 Eduardo Cazap, President Global projects under the auspices of UICC

2 There has never been a more important time to accelerate the fight against cancer. Left unchecked, the worldwide cancer burden is expected to reach 26 million new diagnoses and 17 million deaths by the year 2030. Most rapid increases occurring in low- and middle-income countries. However, 30-40% of cancers can be prevented, and one-third of cancers can be cured through early diagnosis and treatment. We have the knowledge and the tools to make a significant difference today The United Nations held the first ever meeting on cancer and the other NCDs in September last year. Global momentum is growing to seek a solution now. Member State targets and indicators are now in preparation. Member states will be held to account by the United Nations We can deliver the World Cancer Declaration Targets

3 UICC is one of the leaders in the fight against cancer. For over 75 years UICC has played a unique role in the cancer community, convening cancer experts, policy-makers, health advocates and researchers from around the world. Led by a team of esteemed scientists on the UICC Board, and supported by its worldwide network of members, UICC aims to eliminate cancer as a life- threatening disease for future generations.

4 UICC helps to unite the cancer community Today UICC has the worlds most extensive network of cancer-related organisations 485 cancer organisations as members across 125 countries – grown by >120 in the last 12 months. Strategic partnerships with World Health Organization, IARC, World Economic Forum and International Atomic Energy Agency. Publisher of the International Journal of Cancer and TNM. Organises the World Cancer Congress and World Cancer Leaders Summit and World Cancer Day (Feb 4 th ). Supported 6000+ Cancer Research Fellows (two of whom were later awarded Nobel Prizes).

5 World Cancer Declaration

6 UICC KEY AREAS OF WORK AdvocacyConveningProgrammes Pain Relief Registries Training and Education Childhood Cancer Cervical Cancer

7 UICC Programme Focus in next 4 years: 1. Pain Relief 2. Registries 3. Training and Education 4. Childhood Cancer 5. Cervical Cancer

8 1. GAPRI: Global Access to Pain Relief More than 3.4 million die in preventable unbearable pain Morphine is cheap, safe and highly effective But only 5% of people who die of cancer or HIV in low income countries have access to morphine To reach >2m people who currently would not have access to pain relief, by 2015. Budget required = $15.5m over next 4 years

9 Six hubs to be phased in 2011-13: First hub based in Mumbai (India) now operational Hub in Izmir (Turkey) to start mid- 2012 Hubs in Africa and Latin America planned for 2012-13 Regional centres of expertise Budget required = $1.6m over next 4 years 2. Registries - In partnership with IARC

10 Extend UICC fellowships and training – develop on- line services – detail the lack of oncology healthcare workers globally Budget required = $20m over 4 years 3. Training and Education

11 Addressing childhood cancer globally 160k cases each year and 90k die. 80% in LMICs Reduce childhood deaths in 9 countries by 30% Budget required = $4m over 4 years 4. Childhood Cancer: (CHICA)

12 530,000 diagnosed annually and 86% in developing Countries but we can prevent, detect and treat most women Phase one activity in Latin America Budget required = $6.7m over 4 years 5. Cervical Cancer Initiative (CCI)

13 The actions we take now can change the course of the cancer crisis; we must ensure that the moment is not lost


15 The UICC logo represents UICC's values and reputation. Members and partners may apply to place international cancer control meetings or conferences under the auspices of UICC. FYI

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