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Botswana Red Cross Society Botswana Chamber of Mines Meeting 10 th May 2012 Presentation by: Mr. Titus L. Makosha Mr. Titus L. Makosha Deputy Secretary.

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1 Botswana Red Cross Society Botswana Chamber of Mines Meeting 10 th May 2012 Presentation by: Mr. Titus L. Makosha Mr. Titus L. Makosha Deputy Secretary General

2 Background of BRCS...  The Botswana Red Cross Society(BRCS) established as an independent society by an Act of Parliament of the Republic of Botswana in 1968 as an International requirement from the Geneva conventions (N.B: National Society status).  The National Society was recognized by the International Committee of the Red Cross(ICRC) in February 1970 and was admitted as a member of the League of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (now the Federation) in 1971.

3 Background of BRCS cont...  According to the Act, BRCS plays an auxiliary role to Public Authorities in humanitarian services ( this means the Government including Local Authorities). ‘The Society is hereby recognized as a voluntary aid society auxiliary to public authorities both for the purpose of the Geneva Conventions and otherwise and shall have the right in conformity with the Geneva Conventions to use the heraldic emblem of the red cross on a white ground, formed by reversing the Swiss Federal colours.’’  The Geneva convention and International Humanitarian Law, dictates that Humanitarian service is a direct responsibility of government, and therefore BRCS is only playing a supplementary role.

4 Background of BRCS cont...  BRCS previously survived through funding from International donors, but since the classification of Botswana as a middle income country donors have since pulled out.  The support from local partners is therefore very important for BRCS continued survival  There is need to review and assess the relevance of the National society and its auxiliary status for possible collaboration with various humanitarian arms of government, hence the objective of this presentation

5  But what and who is Red Cross?

6 A long time ago ……  One battle  One man  One idea STORY OF AN IDEA

7 1859 a battle... a battle...... a man

8 YEAREVENT 1859  Henry Dunant, a businessman, travels to Solferino (Northern Italy) to seek support for his business which was not doing so well.  On the way, finds Austrian army in battle with armies of France  40,000 dead and wounded across the battlefield. Military medical services non-existent. Doctors and nurses considered combatants.  With the help of women from nearby villages, HD tried to help the wounded regardless of their uniform and/or nationality  "MEMORY OF SOLFERINO":- spurred by the need to ensure that the terrible sufferings witnessed never occurred again.

9 One book...... two ideas  creation of volunteer medical services to help wounded on the battlefield  an international agreement to protect the wounded and all those attending them

10 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies 1919 The International Conference of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Every 4 year States parties to Geneva Conventions National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies The International Committee of the Red Cross 1863

11 THE EMBLEM  1864 – Red Cross  1876 – Red Crescent  2005 – Red Crystal

12 7 Fundamental Principles  Humanity  Impartiality  Neutrality  Independence  Volunteerism  Unity  Universality Our mission Principles of behaviour Organizational Principles


14 AIMS & OBJECTIVES OF BRCS  To bring help and relief to all victims of disasters whether natural or man-made and/or to protect such victims from the effects the disasters howsoever caused;  To carry on and assist in the work aimed at the improvement of health, prevention of diseases, reduction or elimination of suffering throughout the world.  To support the government in their humanitarian tasks according to the needs of vulnerable people

15 BRCS STRUCTURE NECdivisionsbranches

16 BRCS Programmes  Information Dissemination and Tracing  Branch development  Youth development  Disaster management  First aid  Health and HIV/AIDS  Rehabilitation for people with disabilities  Refugee health and social services in collaboration with UNHCR.

17 CROSS CUTTING AREAS OF RELEVANCE  DISASTER MANAGEMENT: It is one of the key competency areas of the RC movement  HEALTH AND HIV/AIDS WITH PARTICULAR FOCUS ON ORPHANS AND VULNERABLE CHILDREN: BRCS has piloted models such as the “Bonkgonne” which can assist communities better address OVC  Community Based Rehabilitation: the rehabilitation of People with disabilities is the portfolio responsibility of the Council and BRCS has competencies in this area, from which the Council can resource. BRCS is operating Centres for people with disabilities

18 AREAS OF RELEVANCE TO MINING INDUSTRY  FIRST AID: It is a very important skill that can save lives especially during accidents and it is a key competency area for BRCS.  BRANCH DEVELOPMENT: Red Cross functions through well trained volunteers within communities that are also a strong target beneficiary of the mines CSI programmes. There could therefore be a Win-Win partnership where mines discharge their CSI programmes through RC volunteer base, which is likely to be more efficient in terms of costs and effective in terms of outcomes as volunteers better understand community circumstances while RC has mastered the art and developed tools of touching the souls of needy

19 Requested Resolutions The BCM is requested to Consider and Approve partnership with BRCS in the following areas:  Support to Community Based First Aid including branch and divisional first aid competitions  Support for the establishment and training of Disaster Response Teams with emphasis on BRCS branch volunteers  Extend administrative, technical and financial support to RC divisional structures in the respective districts/divisions


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