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Module5 What's in the room?.

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1 Module5 What's in the room?

2 Let’s sing along


4 本节课的学习内容和目标 一、总结性地学习介绍和描述某个地方有什么东西的There be 句型 (There is …/There are…)三种句式,并运用: 1、肯定句式There is …/There are… 2、否定句式There isn’t …/There aren’t… 3、一般疑问句式及其回答: A: Is there…..? B: Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. A: Are there…? B: Yes, there are./No, there aren’t. 二、总结性地学习There be 句型(There is …/There are…)中is 和are运

5 Recite the dialogue of unit13
and unit14 背诵unit13和unit14

6 unit13 Xiaoling: ______ in. let’s ______ TV in the living room. Come
Janet: OK. Xiaoling: Come and _____ with me on the ______. Janet: _______ you. Come watch sit sofa Thank

7 Are table any cupboard Xiaoling: _______ there any cookies?
Mother: Yes, they are on the ______ in the________. Xiaoling: Mum, are there _____ glasses? Mother: Yes. They’re in the ________. table kitchen any cupboard

8 juice welcome Here Xiaoling: Here’s your ______. Janet: Thank you.
Xiaoling: You’re _________. Janet: Oops! Mother: ______’s the tissue. juice welcome Here

9 Unit14 Janet: This is our _______ in ______. garden
Xiaoling: It’s very _______. Ben: This is my ________. Janet: Yes. It’s very ________. garden England lovely bedroom messy

10 upstairs Jiamin: Is your bedroom _________? Ben: Yes. All the bedrooms _____ upstairs. Janet: And the _________ is upstairs too. Xiaoling: ____ your bedroom here upstairs too? Ben: Yes. Come and have a ______. are bathroom Is look

11 Xiaoling: Is there a ________ in your bedroom, Ben?
Ben: No. The computer is in the ____. Xiaoling: Is the study upstairs? Janet: NO. It’s ________. Jiamin: ____ there any cookies in your ________? Xiaoling: Oh, Jiamin. computer study downstairs Are fridge

12 Who has a good memory? 看看谁的记忆好



15 What’s in the bedroom? 卧室里面有什么?


17 There is/are… a bed a clock a closet a wardrobe

18 There is/are… a TV a sofa two pictures a pet

19 a desk There is/are… a bookshelf a computer three chairs

20 There is/are… a cupboard a fridge

21 There is/are… two sinks a bathtub a toilet

22 There is/are… a table two stools

23 Do the exercises 完成《活动手册》P34练习1

24 Let's chant ! Come to My House

25 Come to my ______, come today.
This is the _______where I sleep. This is the _______ where I study. This is the _______ where I cook. This is the ________ where I eat. This is the ________ where I watch TV. This is the _________ where I wash. house bedroom study kitchen dining room living room bathroom

26 Compare the differences
between the rooms 比较不同房间里的不同摆设

27 There isn’t a mirror(镜子) in the kitchen.
There isn’t a toilet(厕所) in the kitchen. There isn’t a fridge in the bathroom.

28 There isn’t a…in the bedroom/study.
There aren’t…in the bedroom/study.

29 There isn’t a…in the living room/dining room.
There aren’t…in the living room/dining room.

30 Let’s guess what room you draw.
让我们来猜猜你画的是什么房间 Is there…in the room? Yes, there is. (No, there isn’t) Are there…in the room? Yes, there are. (No, there aren’t)

31 Let’s read some setences then do
the exercise 读下列句子,然后完成课本P66练习2

32 1 There is a bed and a picture in the bedroom.
2 There is a sink(洗手盆), a toilet(厕所) and some tissue in the bathroom. 3 There is a sofa ,a TV and a pet in the living room. 4 There are some chairs and a table in the dining 5 There are some glasses, a fridge and a cupboard in the kitchen. 6There is a chair, a desk and a TV in the study.

33 Let’s do the exercise 完成活动手册P35练习4

34 Let’s do the exercise 完成活动手册P35练习3

35 There___ a lamp in the bedroom.
There ____two paintings on the wall. There____a map next to the window. There _____any clocks on the wall. ____there a sofa in the living room? Yes, there____. 6) ____there any tables in the kitchen? No, there_____. is are beside is aren’t Is is Are aren’t

36 Let’s conclusion 让我们来总结吧。

37 介绍和描述某个地方有什么东西的There be 句型(There is …/There are…)中is 和are的运用
1当介绍和描述的第一样东西是单数时就用 There is a… 当介绍和描述的第一样东西是不可数名词时也用There is … 例如:There is some tissue and a mirror in the bathroom. There is some juice in the glass. 2 当介绍和描述的第一样东西是复数时就用 There are two / three / some/ … 例如:There are two chairs in the dining room. There are some books on the shelf.

38 介绍和描述某个地方有什么东西的There be 句型
(There is …/There are…)三种句式: 1、肯定句式There is …/There are… 2、否定句式There isn’t …/There aren’t… 3、一般疑问句式及其回答: A: Is there…..? B: Yes, there is./No, there isn’t. A: Are there…? B: Yes, there are./No, there aren’t.

39 Design your future house.
设计你自己未来的房子,并画出和写下来 For examples:


41 作业 Draw your future house and write some sentences about your future house. 设计画出你自己未来的房子,并描述出来。

42 Hello, I’m a designer(设计师) . I can design(设计)
my house. Look at this house, There are two floors(两层楼). There are two bedrooms and a batheroom uptairs. And there is a kitchen and a dining room downstairs. There isn’t a garage in the house , but there is a small gardan in the house.

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