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Automated Discovery of claims of party membership …the report.

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1 Automated Discovery of claims of party membership …the report

2 What problem(s) are we solving? 1 automated discoverability of the assertion of party relationships – discoverability by users, user-agents, researchers, enforcement…?? we need to decide which audiences we are trying to help 2 when a user grants an exception to 3rd- party A on 1st party B, they could be asked to grant an exception to all sites in the party that B is a member of?

3 Use Case(s) The discoverability would allow a user-agent to say "note that X (a site) is a part of Y (the master party), and if you allow X to track you, that data will be available to all of Y. The secondmight assist reducing the 'request noise' to users: do you want to grant an exception for these 3 rd parties on ALL properties related to current-1 st -party?

4 NOT on the table This NOT about 1st/3rd party distinction, merely about party membership.

5 Research Check Did POWDER already address this problem, and if so, how, and can we use or learn something?

6 Refined Strawman The following techniques enable a set of Sites that form a single Party to make their assertion of relationship status automatically discoverable. Each site in the set MAY maintain a re-direction pointer from the well-known URL /.well-known/dnt-sites to that same URL at their master site. At the master site, that URL MAY resolve to a text file that contains a list of site (domain) names, for validation. The file dnt-sites, if it exists, contains a list of domain names, one per line. (If the file does not exist at the master site, the user-agent might report, for example "site X claims to be part of party Y, but this cannot be verified".)

7 Example 1 and are both managed by The URL re-directs to known/dnt-sites (as does the URL at That file contains:

8 Example 2 maintains a set of embeddable widgets at,, etc. The user visits and says your widgets may track me (out of band opt-in) They then visit a site which embeds rowing- scores (3 rd party) and it claims to have an opt-in The user-agent verifies that rowing-scores seems to be part of, and it knows of the users opt-in.

9 Action Items Several people to – clarify the problem – and refine the solution

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