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My Web Learning Site By Jessica Curtis EDTE 506 July 2009.

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1 My Web Learning Site By Jessica Curtis EDTE 506 July 2009

2 The Link and Rationale I decided to create a webquest based on a project we already do in my department. The students work individually to research, create, and present a replica African mask. In my webquest, however, the students work in small groups and complete warm ups, guided research, and one mask for the group. Their presentation needs to be in the Griot style of African storytellers, not simply a rehearsed speech.

3 Introduction In the Introduction, I explain to the students the basics of what the webquest will ask them to do in their groups.

4 Warm Ups These assignments were specifically created for the webquest: CLOZE Outlines for Chapter 5 reading Outline Formats for Chapter 6 reading Interactive Africa Map Quiz from These activities were designed to set the stage for the research the students are about to do on the various African tribes. The warm ups give the students the overall perspective of life in medieval Africa and knowledge of modern poltical geographic features of the continent.

5 Access to Warm Ups In order for the students to access the CLOZE activities and Outlines, they must click on the links provided to open my Web 2.0 file cabinet at: s._Curtis__Africa_(Chapters_5-6).html.

6 Task The tasks are lined out again in more detail for the students.

7 Roles Roles are what make this assignment truly a webquest. Each student will play a specific part but each will also participate with all the roles to gain a well-rounded experience. For example, the students will all complete research, help construct the mask, and have a viable speaking role in the GRIOT style presentation.

8 Three Roles – “Think Like A…” Artist: One who practices any of the fine arts such as painting or sculpting. Anthropologist: One who studies the origin, culture, and development of humans. Griot: An African storyteller, retelling the past in fine oral tradition. Also provided are websites to help students understand their specific role. “Think Like A…” should be familiar to the students at the time of year we do this project.

9 Rubric Students must know what they are being asked to do and how it will be graded if they are to succeed. This rubric will be applied per student individually within the group to ensure fair grading and reward for participation in group work. Note: Rubric was modified to reflect the updated project requirements, including the warm ups and overall weighted values of points.

10 Links This page was also created specially for this webquest. This provides students with guided research by giving them a starting point and one additional site. It is their job to find an additional site for a minimum of three total. They already know not to use Wikipedia. Check out the page by clicking above.

11 Link Categories To keep the list of site links organized, I created different categories of links on the page. The students will be assessed based on the information found on these sites, especially on the Basic References. Categories include: Basic References “Think Like A…” Reference Sites Mask Information Specific Tribal Information

12 Conclusion Not only should students have the rubric to guide them, but also the Conclusions page to help them focus on the tasks. This page reinforces authentic learning by helping the students understand the reasoning behind what they have just completed. Hopefully, they enjoyed it as well.

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