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XKMS Specifications Phillip Hallam-Baker. Changes Since 1.1 Cosmetic Significant.

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1 XKMS Specifications Phillip Hallam-Baker

2 Changes Since 1.1 Cosmetic Significant

3 Cosmetic Changes Source is now in HTML –A C# program generates TOC, paragraph numbers etc –Expect to extend this to automate linkage to schema –Have removed all Word formatting artifacts Some remaining bugs: –Promote some H3 headings to H2 etc –Generate Table of Figures –Citation index etc.

4 Schema Changes Have adopted the SAML name conventions –All elements are of named type Element X has type XType –All messages are derived from the MessageAbstractType Use this as a hook for the security enhancements –E.g. signature

5 Protocol Changes Register split into 4 separate components Explicit description of processing steps –Handling of pending requests Optional Represent mechanism –Defeat Request Replay attack –DoS protection Added mechanism to prevent response replay Added mechanism to prevent message substitution

6 Protocol Changes Changed RespondWith processing model Added UseKeyWith –Currently Protocol URI, Identifier URI –Use an element in manner of SAML? Use of QNames –Recommended in SAML by the XML gurus –Should we use QNames or URIs? Processing model – load on application Extension model of QNames – is it really thought through?

7 Issue: X-Bulk Should be possible to reduce X-Bulk spec –Most of the mechanisms described have been adopted in the core spec Still useful to have a separate X-Bulk spec

8 Outstanding Work Items [I-Examples] The examples are worn out –Require fixing –Preferably synchronize with example script [I-PayloadHash] –For establishing correspondence of response to a specific request. [I-SOAP] –Introduce section in the request/response section that discusses the SOAP binding issues, in particular SOAP faults.

9 Outstanding Work Items (Cont.) [I-Passphrase] –Need to expand on passphrase handling Specify a processing model

10 Comments on text: ¶141 Must/Should language for TLS ¶146 Precise specification of request digest –In the XKMS layer or as XML Signature element? ¶238 Make Status an attribute? –Probably a few element to attribute transfers possible ¶261 UseKeyWith identifiers table ¶263 Identifier field to an ANY element?

11 Comments on text (Cont.) ¶655 WSDL specification ¶several Example text to be regenerated ¶691 Legal text to be supplied

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