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ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20021 Status Report on PSO Protocol Council Activities Actions and Decisions for the November 2001 – June 2002 period Azucena.

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1 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20021 Status Report on PSO Protocol Council Activities Actions and Decisions for the November 2001 – June 2002 period Azucena Hernández ETSI Board member ICANN PSO Council member Telefónica de España

2 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20022 Agenda The PSO Mission and Structure The PSO Activities The PSOs Signatories Role in ICANN

3 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20023 Protocol Supporting Organization Mission and Structure The PSO is a consensus based advisory body within ICANN framework Day-to-day activities of the PSO conducted through the Protocol Council Principles for forming and operating the PSO defined in the MoU (signed on 14 July 1999) ETSI Azucena Hern á ndez Tapio Kaijanen IETF Geoff Huston Mike St. Johns W3C Martin Dürst Daniel Weitzner ITU-T Brian Moore Richard Hill Members of the PSO PC

4 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20024 Duties of PSO PC Advise the ICANN Board on referred matters relating to assignment of parameters for Internet Protocols Development of policies & procedures for conflict resolution as requested by the signatory SDOs Development of substantive policies in the area of protocol parameter assignment Appointment of Directors of the ICANN Board in accordance with the By-laws of ICANN Provision of open information on official communications between ICANN and the PSO, Protocol Council proceedings and meeting announcements Holding of an open General Assembly

5 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20025 PSO Activities (Nov 2001-June 2002) 8 Teleconferences hold by the PSO Protocol Council PSO published Common Positions At ICANNs request, PSO Position on the Alternative Roots elaborated ( At ALSCs request, comments to the Draft Report on the At-Large Membership elaborated: ( PSO nominations to ICANN ad hoc groups: Mr. R. Laorden to the ICANN Internationalized Domain Names Committee ISO application to be a member of the PSO (still under consideration by the PSO PC) PSO General Assembly hold the 19th June 2002 in Geneva (Switzerland) kindly hosted by the ITU-T PSO-PC Secretariat provided by the ITU-T

6 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20026 PSO and the ICANN Reform PSO PC is highly interested on the ICANN Reform discussions The views of the 4 organizations are not identical but some common grounds are emerging Each organization has submitted to ICANN its own position: ETSI position to be found in ( IETF position to be found in response.html response.html ITU-T position to be found in icann/index.html icann/index.html W3C position is pending PSO PC will continue discussing and reacting to the new proposals elaborated by the ICANN E&R Committee.

7 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20027 Selection of a PSO Nominee to the ICANN Board Key Dates: June 1 st 2002 Opening the Call for Nominations July 15 th 2002 Closing Date for Nominations Sept 15 th 2002 PSO-PC to notify the ICANN Board of its selection Oct 1 st 2002Beginning of the Term of the new ICANN Director The current two Directors on the ICANN Board selected by PSO are: Mr Vinton G. Cerf (Chairman) Mr Helmut Schink

8 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20028 Knowing the PSO organizations ETSI ( European Telecommunications Standards Institute IETF ( Internet Engineering Task Force ITU-T ( International Telecommunications Union- - Telecom Standardization W3C ( World Wide Web Consortium

9 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 20029 ETSI in numbers 672 Full Members from 35 European Countries 191 Associate Members from 19 other Countries 49 Observers from 18 Countries TOTAL MEMBERSHIP: 912 members from 54 countries Working liaisons with 70 Organizations (SDOs and Fora) Manufacturers 53% Administrations 7% Network Operators 14% Service Providers & Others 23% Users 3% Membership by category

10 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200210 ETSIs engagement on IP Convergence IP/Telecommunications, ENUM IP based Next Generation Networks IP Multimedia System (IMS) on 3G (3rd generation mobile) IP over Cable access & protocols, IP over satellite Electronic Signatures, Lawful Interception over IP Radio interface to IP networks, DECT access to IP networks Metaprotocols and e2e interactive services over mixed scenarios IP-non IP all IP Core Network and IP Core in the future Public Safety Network ETSI STRATEGY Shaping the future of MOBILE COMMUNICATIONS Remaining a driver in FIXED NETWORKS Targeting its INTERNET involvement Bridging the FIXED/ MOBILE/ INTERNET/ BROADCASTING CONVERGENCE

11 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200211 NGN and 3G Major Standardization Projects in ETSI NGN Project: The following technical areas are specifically addressed by ETSI: Architecture and protocols End to end QoS Service platforms Network management for NGN Lawful interception Security N&A (Naming & Addressing) ProtocolsRequirements Inter-op + Profiles Marketing Architecture Application to specific systems

12 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200212 3G Project The Roadmap from GSM to 3G GSM 3G All-IP Network IP-based Multimedia Services (IMS) Use of SIP (IPv6) 2 nd 3G Release 1 st 3G Release Creation of UTRA (UMTS Terrestrial Radio Access) Extension of GSM + GPRS with limited IP integration Circuit switched voice+data. Packet switched by GPRS 19921993199419961997199819992000200120021995 Rel 99Rel 4 Phase 1Rel 96Rel 97 Rel 98 Rel 5 Phase 2 Rel 6 GPRS UTRA IMS

13 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200213 ETSI in ICANN ETSI offers its international leadership on mobile aspects, essential in the short term evolution of Internet. ETSI offers technical and policy making expertise on Interoperability between Internet and existing telecommunication networks. ETSI offers technical and policy competence on ENUM, Next Generation Networks as a convergence of IP and non-IP technologies, service and content provision, security..... ETSI offers capability to co-operate and collaborate with other parts of the ICANN structure in order to get the best synergies for the benefit of the whole community. ETSI offers experience on linking industry requirements and strategy with the one of governments and regulators. ETSI offers experience on taking policy decisions in a timely manner by means of using well defined democratic mayority based procedures and appeal methods to protect the rights of minorities. In TAC & in the NomCom

14 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200214 ITU-T in numbers 189 Member States (governments) 671 Sector Members (industry) Working liaisons (A.4/A.5) with most SDOs and fora, including ETSI, IETF and W3C. Member of WSC together with ISO and IEC Observer in the GSC (collaboration of regional SDOs) New Alternative Approval Process - 2 months. Nearly 200 Recommendations approved by this method in 2001.

15 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200215 ITU-T activities on IP ENUM Multiprotocol and IP based networks and their interworking IP Cablecom Mediacom e-commerce and e-business

16 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200216 ITU-T in ICANN Supports the PSO Offers expertise on policy making by governments

17 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200217 W3C in numbers 500 members Centers in USA, France and Japan + other offices in Europe, Asia & Africa Director: Mr Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of the WEB) 5 domains: Architecture, Document Formats, Interaction, Technology & Society, Accesibility

18 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200218 W3C activities on IP Extensible Markup Language (XML) Web Services (SOAP, WSDL..) Hypertext (XHTML,...) Metadata/Content Selection (RDF, Semantic Web) Digital Signature (XSIG) etc.... Semantic Web and Web Services are major projects to make the Web more intelligent

19 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200219 W3C in ICANN Major Areas of concern: DNS at root of URIs: URI stability fundamental for stable Web Insure decentralised evolution of technical protocols for the Web Use of URI for protocol identifiers Integration of Internationalised Domain Names and URIs/IRIs

20 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200220 IP standards development requires global collaboration GSM Europe EICTA IPv6 Forum ICANN IETFETNOW3C ITU WAP Forum RIPE ETSI EURO ISP Association INRIA IP UMTS Forum

21 ICANN meetings, 24-28 June 200221 Thank you!

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