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Success with English, 3A Unit 5 Lesson 18 Part 3 Body Language.

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1 Success with English, 3A Unit 5 Lesson 18 Part 3 Body Language

2 Body language happy sad

3 Guessing game You can see words on the screen, but your partner can t. Try to make your partner know, but do not use words, just body languages. Start

4 Come here

5 Go away

6 Thats ok! Thats ok!

7 Can I borrow your book? Can I borrow your book?

8 be quiet

9 Sit down! Sit down!

10 Whats the time, please?

11 P51 reading

12 Find out the topic sentence of each paragraph: Topic sentence is usually at the beginning, in the middle or at the end of the paragraph. Para 1: How do you give messages to other people? Para 2: Everybody uses their hands to say different things. Para 3: We use our bodies to give messages. First reading 2mins):

13 Second reading(10mins):Read the text carefully and finish the chart. part of the body action( ) meaning happy smile put ones hand in the air hello arm, hand put up ones arm and wave ones hand thirsty close ones hand like a cup and put it near the mouth goodbye

14 Fill in the blanks and retell the passage. 1 When we are happy, we____. 2 When we say hello to somebody,we __________ in the air. 3 When we say goodbye to somebody, we _____________and _____________ from side to side. put our hands put our arms up move our hands smile

15 5 When we say no, we move ______ 6 When we are thirsty, we______________ like a cup and ________ near our mouths. 4 When we say yes, we move ________ our heads close our hands put them up and down. from left to right

16 Find out the important phrases Third reading( 6mins)

17 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8...... What happens to your mouth when you are sad? What happens to sb/sth? give messages with your body smile on the face from side to side put …up neither…nor both …and part of your body

18 Sometimes you want to talk to someone but neither you nor they know the same language. … … neither…nor

19 What does OK mean in different countries? It means ______in Japan. It means _____in France. It means ________ in China. ready, great money zero

20 Body language and culture Extended Reading(15 mins)

21 1 How do people send each other messages? A. Only by words B. Only by body language C. By neither words nor body language D. By both words and body language 2 Which of the following gestures are accepted both by Chinese and Americans? A. Kissing B. Putting up a hand C. Smile D. All of the above

22 3 Fill in the blanks. Meaning ArabJapan America greeting kiss on both cheeks bow shake hands

23 4 Is it a bad manner for English to stand too close to one another? _____________________________. Yes, it is.

24 What can you learn after reading this passage ? When in Rome, do as the Romans do.. Manners make the man. Sum up:

25 Self-assessment ( ) 12345 I can master the words. ( part, body, move, neither, nor) I can master the phrases. (put your arm up, from side to side, neither…nor, from left to right, up and down, What happens to sb./sth.?) I can use body language to give messages. I can understand the text. I can understand the extended reading passage. A: Excellent 20-25 B: Good 15-19 C: Ok 12-15 D: Need more practice 0-11

26 Homework 1.Book C :P44 ex 3 P45 ex4 2.Use the Internet and other resources to find more examples of body language and culture. And write down your findings and make a report next class. Find more information, please go to: http:// cfc.

27 Next Thank you !

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