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Hurricane Sandy: a complex storm of historic size.

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1 Hurricane Sandy: a complex storm of historic size

2 An unusual set of atmospheric conditions steered Sandy west, where other storms typically head east… Hurricane Sandy was steered between a high pressure system in northern Canada and a low pressure trough over the Southeast US Coincided with high tides A number of factors contributed to Sandys impact

3 Rising to the Challenge : Superstorm Sandy and the NYC Public Hospital System Alan Aviles, President & CEO American Hospital Association – April 29, 2013

4 1.4 million patients, including 475,000 uninsured NYC residents 11 acute care hospitals, 4 long-term care facilities, 6 diagnostic and treatment centers, and more than 70 community health centers 5 facilities located in flood zones; only one in lowest lying Flood Zone A Post-storm 2 hospitals fully evacuated, and one skilled nursing facility partially evacuated HHC: The Largest Municipal Healthcare System in the U.S.

5 Preparing for the Worst 3 days before: no elective admissions; cancellation of clinics/elective surgery Extra food and medical supplies Testing and topping generators Extra staffing and cots readied Precautionary patient transfers Command centers opened Staffing of OEM and Healthcare Evacuation Center Twice daily system-wide conference calls established Mobile emergency generators positioned

6 Storm Surge Not Forecast

7 NYC Impact The River in the Basement Produced by HHC – March 2013

8 NYC Impact (10/28-10/29) Seawalls breached, flooding to large sections of lower Manhattan Power lost below 33rd Street, including HHC Central Office and administrative facilities Coastal sections of Brooklyn and Staten Island flood Severe devastation by both fire and flood to Queens beach communities Subways and road tunnels flood

9 NYC Devastation





14 Flood Zones 100 and 500-Year Flood Zone (FEMA 1983)

15 Actual Flooding

16 Flooding: HHC Facilities Coney Island Bellevue Coler

17 Coney Island Hospital

18 Bellevue Hospital Center

19 19 Bellevue Loading Dock

20 20 Evacuation Down the Stairs

21 Coler-Goldwater Specialty Hospital


23 Special Medical Needs Shelters

24 Lessons Learned Preparation Communication Central Coordination New Issues when the emergency lasts longer: Provision of prescription medications to community Provision of dialysis services Provision of walk-in primary care Provision of mental health services Staff redeployment plans Electronic record access that follows the patient Supporting all staff Reinforced importance

25 Our people were awesome!

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