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Weathering and Erosion And me (Jacob) (Jacob) By me (Ethan) (Ethan)

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1 Weathering and Erosion And me (Jacob) (Jacob) By me (Ethan) (Ethan)

2 Slide 2(Two types of weathering) 2 types of weathering: Chemical & PhysicalChemicalChemical MechanicalMechanical When the chemical weathering hits the rock it dissolves the outside of the rock until it reaches the inside then turning it into rust. When physical weathering contacts the outside of the rock it will bring it to different paces making it break.

3 Slide 3(Wind Erosion) Wind erosion can blow on a surface causing some of the surface to fall apart. We can use plants because some plants are taller than others making it harder for the wind to get to the rocks or other things. Wind erosion can form canyons

4 Slide 4(Water Erosion) We could use a beaver dam to block rivers and we could put a dome of glass over the building. The water will first make a little hole. Then water will get stuck in it and make it deeper. Water erosion can form craters

5 Slide 5(Ice Erosion) When ice contacts a surface it will melt along with part of the surface. Saltwater, because a wave can go over the ice, which the salt will make cracks in the ice. Then, the cause of saltwater will start to melt the ice. Ice erosion can form glaciers

6 Slide 6 Weathering and erosion What the YMCA developers should build They could build a draining system. Water erosion can affect the building because when rain contacts the building, it can also flood the walking path. Chemical erosion can affect it by getting in the water system and when the clean water comes in so will the chemicals then will be dissolving the bottom of the pool. They could build a cleaning system. A walking path to the YMCA. Hail and wind can affect the building when the hail falls then the wind can blow it into the glass and brake the glass. They could build a naturing system.

7 Slide 7(List of Resources) learning/geolearning/en/mountain_building/weathering/Er osion2/index.html Google Search(images)

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